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Post Whore
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I have 8 markers.
Only one could be used if needed by tonight.
Three more of them could used by tomorrow night.
One needs 1 part to be playable.
Two need machine work.
One is beyond repair.

Only one has been used by me; and I have only played paintball a total of five times. I wholeheartedly admit that it is the tinkering that is my biggest form of recreation. When I played, I loved it; but I love messing with the guns even more.
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Sins Erased
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Right now I have 3...

04 Prostock
XSV Etek
FS4 - not functioning

Oh wait. Let's make that 3.75. GZ Timmy that my daughter and I a piecing together and it's almost complete.
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I would probably be put under the non-whore label but a total shlutt
Carmatech SAR12 (on the way)
Tiberius T4
Tiberius 8.1
Proudly New Zealand Craftsmanship Made in the USA

Sponsored by Tiberius Arms Factory, Military Assault Gear

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Mar ! No Cow tipping!
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Location: victorville ,Cali

Keepers for today are. NIP T2 Dust black,CCM Works (thanks sean), Empire Axe Virtue board/eyes and prototype bolt, 3 thumpers 1 dust/1 gloss black and 1 acid washed, 2 half blocked Spyder compacts,Custom built/milled Impulse with evil punch and resperator,WAS board,RAT valve and a Sh#@ load of upgrades..Markers listed on various sites, Zap pump,NIP Talon,Tiger Shark,Rat Impulse,lazered Impulse, Elec Spyder clone, ACI griffin,B E Outcast, 2 PGPs and im sure ill find more to add. I do have some markers in my personal collection that will be willed to my Grand kids with instructions not to just dump them..

Ebay, camocow200 (1230) + 100% positive feedback
darr_musi (160) + 100% Positive Feedback
MCB 300 + feedback

"Mar" bro: welcome to the forum, super nice marker - hopeful for your sale.
"stargazer" It's ma'am actually, not bro.

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Stock Class Aficionado
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Series 6
OC Phantom
SC/MSC Phantom

Everything else is sold or up for sale. I put all the funds from my Grey Ghost sale into some needed gear and buying parts to get the three above all ready for the field.

I did just pre-order an eNMEy though, intended mostly as a loaner but I can't wait to hit the field with it.
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Pop-Up Ninja
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Location: Brandon, FL

3 - pgp, pgp2k, p12
My Feedback Thread

Go ye therefore to all the nations, baptizing them in copious amounts of paint.

Proud member of Team On Target.
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67 including 2 that are on the way. Listed alphabetically by manufacture my collection includes....

1. AGD Automag RT
2. AGD 68 Automag (powerfeed)
3. AGD 68 Automag (spring feed body)
4. AGD Minimag with RT valve
5. AGD Minimag with classic valve
6. Air Power Vector *Model B*
7. Brass Eagle Rainmaker 1st gen
8. Brass Eagle Rainmaker 2nd gen single trigger
9. Brass Eagle Raptor (original green body)
10. Brass Eagle Stingray I
11. Carter Buzzard *pre-dye*
12. CCI Phantom VSC *rare blue-black tiger stripe anno*
13. CCI Phantom VSC *red-black acid wash anno*
14. Evil Omen 2.0
15. FAST F-2 Illustrator *early style*
16. FAST F-2 Illustrator *later style*
17. ICD Desert Fox
18. ICD Thundercat
19. ICD Thundercat
20. ICD Alley Cat *back bottle only*
21. ICD Bushmaster 2K
22. ICD Promaster
23. Kingman Spyder Compact Elite
24. Kingman Spyder Compact
25. Kingman Spyder Compact *branded as by sheridan*
26. Lapco Grey Ghost 2006
27. Line SI Bushmaster *early style*
28. Line SI Bushmaster *later style*
29. Mokal Mirage
30. Mokal Titan
31. Mokal Fokus
32. Montneel Mega Z purple splash
33. Montneel Mega Z converted montrose era Z-1
34. Montneel Z-1 grey original style
35. NSG Splatmaster
36. Palmer Typhoon
37. Palmer 1K Blazer
38. Palmer 2K Blazer RF (rare yellow anno)
39. Palmer 2K Blazer VF
40. Palmer Stroker built on a Piranha LB
41. PEC Storm
42. PMI Tracer *12 gram drop out style*
43. Sheridan EXC-68
44. Sheridan EXC-68 with collapsible stock
45. Sheridan VM-68 Magnum
46. Sheridan PGP
47. Sheridan PGP2
48. Sheridan PMI-1 (modified to CA and direct feed)
49. Sheridan PMI-1
50. Sheridan PMI-1
51. Sheridan Piranha short barrel pump
52. Smart Parts Shocker S/F (shoebox)
53. Smart Parts Impulse
54. Sterling STP (pre arrow precision)
55. Sterling STP Turbo (pre arrow precision)
56. TASO Checkmate *Montneel Z-copy*
57. TASO Spartan (incomplete)
58. Tippmann Pro-Carbine
59. Tippmann 68-Carbine
60. Tippmann C-3
61. USA Performance Products Viper M1
62. USI Raider
63. WGP 2k+ Autococker RF with mostly Palmer parts
64. WGP Autococker Trilogy
65. WGP Minicocker pre 2k
66. WGP Ranger (modified to stock class with Doc Nickles stock class feed body)
67. WGP Site Ranger *12 gram drop out style*

39 Mech semis
7 Electro semis
12 Stock/Super Stock class pumps
9 Open class pumps
My Feedback

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Post Whore
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^^Paintball manufacturers send this guy balls directly to his garage.^^
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Post Whore
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i have 4.. at one time, i had alot more.. now im down to 4

Shocktech DM5
09 SFL
CCM 6.5
"almost" Stock class T2

^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
Trackers feedback
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I used to paintball...?
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Palmers Fan
Ha, wrong thread. Anywho, I have a bunch, but getting fewer.
Originally Posted by WALZ
Now.... If you ever f..... With any of my builds again I am going to have to send the boys down to talk to you.....

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