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Pop-Up Ninja
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Brandon, FL

As of yesterday, I'm at four:

PGP - for sale
P12 - for sale
Minimag - for sale
Brand spanking new preproduction eNMEy - NOT for sale
My Feedback Thread

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Serious Business
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Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Charlotte, NC

1st gen PGP
3rd? gen PGP
2k PGP
PMI-I W/cooper T bolt
BE Nightmare
68 special x 2
Angel AD 2000
Pro-Lite (plus a bunch of parts guns)
Pirhanna USP

- 10 guns. Not too shabby. I think it's going to stay at 10 or under... lol
EEGR - NC Resident

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The Man With No Plan
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Location: Oregon City, OR

I lost count again

I said I was gonna stop buying until I sold off a few....

Just bought a sl66 xsv ego, haven't sold anything LOL
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Join Date: Dec 2011

3 as of now, I just traded off my 2K2 cocker.

Olive/Gold SL74

Vampire VEGO 7

And a pissed off SS-25 completely disassembled waiting to be sent to CCM...
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mag shooter
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Charleston, SC

also a s6, s6.5 and a couple other guns up for sale
I buy Automags and Parts: if you need cash shoot me a pm

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Seasoned Member
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Oakville, Ontario

Currently own (as in my sig):
06 Cyborg
2006 Grey Ghost
Classic Mag concoction

Previously owned:
Hybrid NXT
98 Custom Pro
2k1 PGP
02 (I think it was 02, maybe 03) Racegun HB

I think the most I ever had at once was all the stuff I have now as well as my PGP. I think the E-Cocker may have been concurrent with all of that as well, but I only owned it very briefly. I'm planning to pick up a Hammer 7 once they're available, so I'll be back up to 5.

Grey Ghost #308, SC Brassterling, Super Stocker, Predator SM-1, Hammer7
Classic/Pump Mag, VM-68
05 Cyborg, 06 Cyborg, PM8 LE Canary, Hybrid NXT, E-Tac

(MCB) Feedback
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Active Member
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Join Date: Apr 2010

Empire Sniper
SFT Shocker
Autococker SF
Tippmann 98C
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I do things & like stuff
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Location: Los Angeles

60 something, and never been happier.

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One shot one kill
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Location: Hamilton, Ontario, CA

Voidz Feedback

My sale threads:
Misc items
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Official LL5 Dolphin-Dive
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Location: Jackson, NJ
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I'm actually at an all-time low right now:

Valken Proton
CCM'd Pre-2K Cocker
Armotech Zeus
Tippmann TPX
Tippmann A5

So that makes 7, and the A5 will be getting exchanged for a GOG eNMEy at some point. No real changes planned to the lineup besides possibly another PGP (want to do a pair of fancy k-framed PGPs), and if it's nice enough when it hits the shelves, the new Kingman Hammer7 for a possible future total of 9. I haven't had this few markers since sometime in 2007.
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