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The cries of the carrots
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picked this up locally for $100

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Originally Posted by Hogzilla88 View Post
That's beautiful.
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A new addition:

Anyone know if it's more than just an old custom mini? The internals look to be all AKA, and the trigger is pretty dang good - almost comparable to my PPS. The Boomy, CP direct mount and Sidewinder were my additions. It came with a Vigilante and a huge Drop Zone cradle.

The serial number is 4621 (barely visible in the pic above).

Some of my collection

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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Old guns are more fun for me than new guns. I play paintball for fun. I don't play to win any more than I have sex to make babies.
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picked up a cheap Bushmaster Deluxe of CL 2 weeks ago or so for $20. Practically mint for a 80's gun. Cool that it is as old or older than me.

today: first class envelope for pps, orings for mounting blazer pump kit, big knobby lpr screw(yeah for on the fly adjustment), and new main spring for my 1kbz.
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Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body with detent, sheridan valve tool, SP easy on/off asa in black or chrome/polished clear.
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Some mag parts. It's nearly complete.
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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I got my Milsig Mk3.
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o-rings to rebuild my KP+ reg and some other random parts for my project gun.

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a couple days back my enmey came in the mail ^_^

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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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Stock class SPAM
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a present from BOS!

Phantom Picture Thread
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