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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
Hammer 7ime pump tee!! Love it, thanks Mattee for all your hard work putting this together!!
Ditto looks great!
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got a used joyride on Wednesday, and a new phone case Tuesday (4 days from US to Canada, impressed, and the phone cas ewas ment to be her Feb 20-March 2nd, its been a good week)
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over the week or so got these in.

7/8-20 tap and die and a 53/64th drill
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Originally Posted by tony montana 2 View Post
over the week or so got these in.
7/8-20 tap and die and a 53/64th drill
Sounds like barrel threading to me?

I just finished a dia holder for mine. Have a look it is in the DIY section.

What the heck is Rage making now.
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VD Evo V.1 Grip NON gas thru & Snatch Grip

Originally Posted by Swiftbear View Post
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My brand new DSG came in today!

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wts bko for cheap
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Originally Posted by jc_10 View Post
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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
lube the shaft and warm the o-ring up in your hand by rubbing it back and forth between hands. then it should go on easier.
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1000 round case of 7.62x39 I always love me some Russian steel case
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One from USPS, one from UPS.

Got my 6th run DSG from Dukie, and an e-triggered MK5 SAW with box mag, both arrived today:


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The devil's brass uses an evil sighting system powered by juju obtained from the deep and ominous laughter from the gun's owner himself.......seriously playing in a game against Born4Evil , and you see him sneaking your way, then BAM and all you hear is something to the effect of "Haha can't get away from the Devil's Brass!" Born4Evil seriously sounds like the devil himself, and its awesome. That gun is hands down the most badass gun in my mind.
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