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Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
An s5 body and barrel. Get ready, I might start begging some of you for parts...
I wanna see pics!!
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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A minty NSG Splatmaster, holster, and a brand new NSG Speed Wheel. I ran this over the chrono today. First shot off of a fresh 12g was 289 followed by 287 then 267. I got about 40 usable shots off of a single 12g

Here is the full story.

My Feedback Thread

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Sorry, that's classified.
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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I wanna see pics!!
I'll get some nicer ones for you later CD, I'm stuck at work and this is all I came up with last night in my excitement

Naked as can be. Need the wire detent even. It's not even lasered CCM or series 5. Thanks to the seller, you've been great
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I finally got my Whiskey Two Four Stalker vest today. I ordered it back in June and finally got it. Looks awesome.
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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
CNC's are for nerds...
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A pink CCI Phantom.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I have a hot sister. looks just like me in a wig. but it isn't me, really, just keep your hands above the belt and you'll never know.
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The Man With No Plan
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got my new critical deuce trigger for my axe

but i need to go to the shop to press the pin out
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3 PE Shaft 4 barrel backs, .681, .685 & .693 and a HK Army Ball Breaker Barrel Condom
Originally Posted by storminnorman View Post
No one likes a dirty slot lol.
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
I've played pump against the worst of the paintball scum bags, do I hang it up? Nah.... I play angrier.
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Diablo 3 for PS3

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Bunch of rotors!
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On Friday I received this Palmers HP Stabalizer, from a member here on MCB.

I won this BNIB Stabilizer bracket on ebay back on Tuesday. Unfortunately I won the Bracket before the Stabilizer came up for sale and the Stabilizer came with a bracket so I'll probably be putting this bracket up for sale seeing how I don't need it now.

Started with a Splatmaster, moved onto a Nelspot 007, then came the Autocockers, then a STERLING Pump, next was a Bob Long defiant then a PM7. As of now I have 4 Sterling Pumps, 2 Phantom for SC and 2 Spyder's plus a bunch of extra parts.

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