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Originally Posted by B.R. View Post
funny you should ask...
got this from ebay. the seller took the barrel off the gun inserted both in a padded mailer. (nothing else wrapping them, no extra tape)
and sent them parcel post from california to pennsylavania.
scratched the **** out of it and damaged the feedneck. could have been worse it was just starting to poke out of the envelope

I hope you left negative feedback.
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Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
Did you use plugs or condoms?
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Originally Posted by gainman View Post
id let her do things to my backside
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This was discovered on my porch last week. (Or last month, I have no concept of time.)

Yay eBay!
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1/2 pound of copper and 200FT of heat-shrink tubing, I am that cool.
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i got toys for my sniper today from the fine sellers on ebay ... new red bolt...- x bevertail.....dust red cp reg....ect.....all from different seller- all showed up today .... and all just tossed in bubblemailers ....8(

- looking into getting it annod ....but looking for references from others as to best on a budget

** i maintain 3rd shift hours so if i dont respond right away during the day - ya know why

my feedback :

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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Nice 'mag! I like to see those MicroMags with the trigger guards INTACT. So many have been butchered for a double trigger.
yeah the intact guard was the only reason it sparked my interest I already have another purple nights that had the frame cut way back when

funny thing is this one is older and is in much better shape all around
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Cheaper Than Dirt magazine, Cabela's catalog, some crap for the previous owner of the house, and a bill.

Funny, the letter for the previous owner said "URGENT--BILL NOTICE" and "FIRST CLASS MAIL" on it.... I "accidentally" let it slip out of my hand and into the trash can. Oopsy daisy.

Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
A letter from my Gramma telling me she forgot my Birthday 6 months ago. Yay I got a dollar
Lucky SOB........

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New phone, Samsung Galaxy Ace
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I got a duckslide Yesterday. Woo hoo!
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Should be receiving my furious barrel thid week and my halfblocked pump from jcurt soon.
play pump.......
Fox Paintball. Millington, Il.
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