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Flash umbrella, flash stand and remote flash trigger
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I googled: "Lube and SPace Dildo" and it brought me here... totally not what I meant, but I found a nice niche market to peddle my homo-erotic comedy routine so here I am.
Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
9 times out of 10, it's an electric razor. But sometimes...

it's a dildo.
Me Feedback
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Pink and purple acid wash T2 with Pink parts. One part is missing and the threads on one item need to be re done but all in all it's all good. It's weird under certain light the purple looks like a light purple / pink and other light it's a dark purple / pink. It's actually pretty cool to see.

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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
lube the shaft and warm the o-ring up in your hand by rubbing it back and forth between hands. then it should go on easier.

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A Gold-ish Merlin body. Soon to be followed by many AKALMP bits to further complete it.
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... still the only one getting cheap stuff in the mail.

Got some sock-locks the other day for a homemade stick feed. Also received my matrix back from my cousin - completely disassembled.
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I got 10 baseball jerseys and 2 football jerseys today. Some nice throwback jerseys, Expos, Red Sox, Dodgers, Royals, White Sox, a good mix of players.

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A CP on/off from a seller here that I really wish I'd looked closer at the pic and seen that it won't work on my gun. *facepalm*
But also a PBMafia 5/Fifty pack from another seller here.
And the day before was a 14" 'Cocker-threaded .685 CP One-Piece.
Oh, and two days before that was an Azodin KP.
The day before that was a 48/3k tank and a new hopper.'s been a good week over here.
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I got a package that was supposed to contain 8 pair of Injinji Merlino wool blend toes socks. What I got was 8 pair of the Injinji regular socks. Spent a bit of time on the phone with the CS for the company that I got them from, and had to school them, despite the fact that they were looking at the web pages and could see the difference, as well as had a pair of each in hand, what the difference between them was.
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Buying Bankruptcy Kits
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These most recently

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Ah, #23 is looking good!

Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
I finally decided to start a thread for my Feedback:

Rocking it for the Fringe Division!
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I got 1600lbs of 12gs today
Dealer for APP, CCI, Nelson, Leland, Valken, Tippmann, & Procaps.

Please donate to make a difference in my fathers life
Willing to be a 3rd party for shipments to Canada anywhere in the world just PM me.
Buy a Celanis Paintball Patch for a good cause
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