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One of the few games in which I didn't stink up the field at Tunaball 7 last weekend. It was tons of fun even when I WAS stinking up the field.

(btw, that's MCB's very own Goatboy at the end, you can see his view of the game on his youtube channel.)
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Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
If you are taking trades I'll trade you a used PK5 and a Swedishly used Waylost (this one's pretty rare)

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Looks like a fun location. thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
With all the drama, whining, superiority complex, and "you can't play here newbie" attitude I wonder if scenario paintball is attempting to take a lesson from tournament paintball on how to decrease interest.
Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
I don't particularly have any respect for players using a pump gun.
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That does look like a fun place to play.
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Took the DSG out for a spin last weekend. Went great except for I got barrel breaks almost once a game for some reason.
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It's been a while since I uploaded anything, so I thought I would share it here with you guys!
Originally Posted by DPrekel View Post
Due to the high volume of requests, SPACH has been banned.

Have a nice day!
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Had a fun time last weekend, even if it was a small crowd. Here's the results of one of the games.

"Gonna be epic" - Paintball at FireStorm - CrossTies 6/8/13 - YouTube
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My bro and I just got our 808 #16 V2 cameras, This is the first test, we ran 7 rounds back to back, I feel overall it turned out pretty good.

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Looks like fun. I always like the 1:1 backyard matches.
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
Mcb.... if it isn't modded, whored, lusted over or covered in mayo.... then that gun does not exist.
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