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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
Just gotta say that's a schnazzy gun you got there. Under barrel mounted goblin launcher FTW!
Thanks I did a video on the base marker too but that last video took forever to make in windows live player.
Here is a recent one that was unplesent in the first 30s the rest is just filler.
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From back in July.. took my 13 year old neighbor out for some recball.. for his second time playing I think he did pretty good!
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Got two here. First is a little analysis type thing of a bit of play from EMR a few years ago. Not the usual paintball vid, but I like doing 'em sometimes.

Second, I was looking for something else on YouTube, and found THIS:
All-Star Paintball in Spotswood, NJ, way back on 1/8/08. Pumps only, 40 round limit. Those were the days.

Wow that was a long time ago. Like, "I had really long hair" long time ago. Count the MCB'ers. Here's your cheat sheet:

(I'm labeled "Titus," because that was my nickname in highschool/early college and my name on SCP, through which I stumbled upon Freedom's pump games. MCB's Titus was not in attendance.)
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Venarius Paintball - Ep 12 - Dual Pistol Point-Blank - YouTube
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Filmed this last summer, took a couple of hours of playing the same game over and over until we had enough camera views.
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This is probably one of my best pushes to date. The footage is from a scenario game this passed weekend.

The teams started diagonally from each other and we had to run across the field to try and cut off the enemy before they could push into our half of the field.. We encountered a 3rd faction of mercenaries for a mission and ended up in a pitched three way battle.

The mercenaries had us pinned down for a few minutes until I pushed up into a blind spot and charged recklessly up the hill.
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Nice push D. Great shooting too.
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Thanks Jerry.

Here is another good push from that scenario. I have another good push I'll be putting out next week.
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Finally something I can post. I try to add a bit more to my videos than just taking the footage from my camera and slapping it up on screen.

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playing with my procarbine
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