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tea, a cause and effect
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do want,
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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
So long as its under 18 and over 8 I dont care what it is really...
Originally Posted by ironchef97 View Post
Oh boy...I love wood!
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
well - just like my sex life, I have taken matters into my own hands:
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Holy %$^&*^%$%&&*(&^ that thing is so sweet!!!!
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damn it..... my wallet hates this
"I shoot pump because it hurts more feelings." -- ryantuomi (heard at Living Legends 2)
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Keep Calm & Kick ***
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Any chance of a lever action version?

"This is my BOOM STICK!"

Going to have to find a guy that can make an over the shoulder and lower holster.
Awesome on a new level.
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Giving more tools to the field owners and players.
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CCM Fan season is going to be expensive. Just like this season was.
Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
Best time to take a dump is when on the phone with tech/ customer service.Also when they say something like "This call may be recorded. . . " I always tell them I hope so and proceed to enjoy my bowel movement.

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Originally Posted by Steed View Post
Any chance of a lever action version?
That would be a completely different gun, but I'm working on it.
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pump snob
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ubercoolness. weltman > hellokitty
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Only "PART" Canadian
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I must own this before the wold ends.
Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
you'll do anything for *****.....
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Need... Money...

Need... MaxBoom

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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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