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Talking What makes you happiest in Paintball?

this thread is a response to the somewhat negatively oriented (although amusing) thread about paintball annoyances, as well as my existing stress level, which paintball is usually my cure for, except I've missed the last 2 weekends so I'm feeling bummed out and need to focus on happy things (building guns makes me happy, but it's a part of my high level of work hours which wear me out).

So, discuss your favorite stuff about the game that keeps you going

a few for me (there are a lot):

-serious challenging gunfighting, straight up. especially when it's super intense. best drug ever invented.
-perfect sunny days where the air doesn't seem to move, but it's super fresh air, and every engagement seems way louder and more real than anything else.
-being really on your game on a day of pistol play, when your shots are so accurate it's like your eyes are pulling the trigger and you can eliminate anyone at the exact moment you have a clear shot, even if they are running full out, and no amount of incoming fire will hinder you.
-discovering the all-out sweetspot on a field you've never "really" played before, and adding it to your favorite field/location list.
-awesome survival maneuvers and last man standing, mass surrenders, and other crazy balls-out moves in the end of the game that pay off good.
-watching a friend or newer player really get into their stride in the game, and seeing the "paintballer for life" spark take hold.
-meeting more players with honest and honorable perspective or playing style of the game, and seeing it develop in others.
-those awesome days where all the right people show up and everyone plays well, the teams are balanced, and for some of the players it's their first time playing a day that good... and they talk about and remember it forever after that day

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A day of honorable play in good company and relaxing throughout =)

The honor of introducing new players to the sport.

The joy of watching them learn, grow, improve, then bring friends of their own =)

Competition is grand when in good company

Recreation is grand in good company

Paintball is meant to be enjoyed in good company =)

Stitch FC

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a day when everyone is having fun!
Arctic Storm.
"Everything could have been anything else and it would have had just as much meaning"
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when my paint deflecting forcefield is working properly.

where the invisible apex tip is set to straight shots instead of curved.

where all the paint is uniform sized.

i don't get shot in the gun or the mask.

my hopper isn't the size of a blimp.

and i pull off the incredible shots i think i can, all my moves are quick silent and the other team never sees them, and ever gun i touch never has a problem.
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Watching the grass blow in the wind sometimes causes it to shift from red to green to red and keep repeating itself. Makes my acid using friends jealous

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When all my guns are working.

When I successfully eliminate my opponents without myself being eliminated as a result of being marked by a paintbullet.
Dragoons paintball team
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Playing with a relaxed laid back group who is just out to have fun.

Laughing at myself for stupid thing I do while playing.

Having others laugh at the same moves.

Seeing people try crazy moves, whether it works or not.

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No rollouts, good paint, the sound of paintballs being poured into hoppers and pods (beautiful sound!), people who are there to have fun; not swear and scream and get angry.
When people get shot out by someone pulling a crazy move and laugh about it.
When it's a cool, clear spring day and you can watch paintballs flash through shafts of light between branches. =) Many things!
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i play pump because the electronic triggers hurt my feet (i shoot my toes)
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Running out of a bunker in a three on one, (I'm the one) and running right by Lancest who promptly shoots me in the leg! Seriously just a good day of fun with my friends and laughing at myself. Oh ya, grilling afterwords at Splattttttt land! Feyd..........
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Barrel tagging and balls out charging
where we play
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Playing with a good group of guys, one of the best days recently was the fall pump weekend Gillymonster put on. So much good stuff.

I love the mechanics of older quality markers. I can really appreciate all the machine work and engineering, it's like art to me.

Playing hard. Nothing better than a good hard day of play, when you head home exhausted, knowing you gave it all.
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Don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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