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2013 Grey Ghost( what do you want?)

Ive been asked to start a thread to see what upgrades and changes MCBers would like to see on the 2013 GG..Please keep the posting on topic. This just might help in the creation of a new and inproved GG possibly at some point..

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cocker threads, no angle on the bottom of the frame, steel insert in the body for the feed tube like on Phantoms, and a finish that is closer to the original Ghosts, rather than the current colour.

And bring back Right Feed.
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double side cocking, not just the single.Hardline, freak bored barrels possibly(i don't know if there is a patent or something...)

If that happens I will want one more.
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So basically everyone wants an Empire Trracer?
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starts off small at first
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Make it like a Grey Spirit
And cocker threaded. Or add a few more id bore barrel options ranging from .670-.684 yo.
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i would love it if they made the feeds custom made for each. i love the current fed style, but like Russc, he likes right feed. I think a .680 barrel with the detent would be great!
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Originally Posted by russc View Post
cocker threads, no angle on the bottom of the frame, steel insert in the body for the feed tube like on Phantoms, and a finish that is closer to the original Ghosts, rather than the current colour.

And bring back Right Feed.
Could not agree more then I do with russc:
  1. Right Feed Option [main reason why I do not own one of the current model]
  2. Orginal Grey Ghost finish [another reason the current model did not get a buy from me]
  3. Cocker Threaded [not absolute necessity but would be nice]
  4. Trigger Frame not angled [as much as I love the original trigger frame I have never been crazy [even back then] about the angled section making bottom-line problematic for my style. It is something I can deal with just as I did on the original.]

Long story short, you want me to buy a Grey Ghost then you have to have a Right Feed Option. I own no CF guns and have no interest in changing.

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Right feed, sight rail, on-off asa, 45 grip, auto-cocker threaded, under-cocking with nelson valve train. In original Grey Ghost anno.
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Some of the suggestions in here make me LOL. It's a Grey Ghost. It should stay somewhat true to its roots. There are other options out there if you want to go crazy with customization and whatnot. At some point it no longer is the Grey Ghost.

To me, there are a few things that make a Grey Ghost unique:
1. Grey
2. Lapco grip
3. Slide trigger
4. Single pump arm

As an owner of a new Grey Ghost (#310), I feel like they balanced improvements to the design while still keeping a link to the original Grey Ghost.

If I had to change some things about the Grey Ghost, it would be minor improvements.

1. Remove the angle at the bottom of the frame. It is too steep to mount a tank to. Instead angle the stock slightly. Removing the angle would open up a lot of options for personalization.

2. Helicoil inserts. My feed tube mounting hole is partially stripped out from rough handling during shipping. This is a simple modification that would drastically improve durability.

3. Barrel options. Length and bore size. I like the stock 14" length. However the .689ish bore is far too large for today's paint.

4. Cocker threaded. There will still be issues with clearance of the pump over the barrel, but it will definitely open up some additional options. It's the industry standard now anyways.

5. Larger fillet radius on the edges of the trigger. It is a little too squared off. Increasing the fillet radius would improve the feel of the trigger on the finger.

6. RF/LF/CF feed options. All it takes is a new body. I like stock class feed, but I know it would improve the desirability if there were options.

7. Indexing of the feed tube. Right now when my feed tube is screwed in, the zig-zag ball windows are not lined up horizontally. There is a definite tilt. It takes away from the looks and makes it seem like the craftsmanship is shoddy.

8. The brass thumb screws at the valve are unnecessary and interfer slightly with the airline going into the valve.

I would like to see a Grey Spirit style pump actually (with the features listed above). Dual pump arms and bore drop. Add a detente (to prevent double feeds) and barrel options (whether different bore sizes/insert system to prevent roll-outs). That would be a pretty sweet gun.
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A matching .680 barrel for the grey ghost I already have.

Seriously it's a great gun. Tweak the bottom-line angle and add some helicoils for durability. And get me a useful barrel for today's paint! I could care less what threading it is because the only other barrels I own right now are either phantom threaded or soldered on.

A grey spirit would be neato. We could start the bore drop vs. breech drop argument all over again! I wasn't alive then so I need something to talk about in the safe zone so I can look like a pump hipster.
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