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Originally Posted by pb_stud
The one thing I wanted to know is if the .43 was good paint and if it was effective or not. If it's not, then I probably won't think of it. And with the palmers, I'm glad you told me about the resale thing because I play down in the dirt, and while it is super good looking, I don't know how chrome would do.
I cannot comment on the 226, but I have a Rap17. The .43(not .40) has been improved upon, but I think it is still lacking. The smaller size requires more force to break. I have shot at some hard targets(with the older .43), and had them bounce back at me.
My Rap17 has excellent accuracy at short/mid range. The 226 is supposed to have a completely reworked core.
On the issue of what to get, I have been pondering this as well. If I had the money to blow on 'another' pistol it would be the Tiberius 8. I finally held one at the last local scenario, and was immediatly impressed. Now if the fiance would only let me get one
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If you make it over to Hell Survivor's some weekend, you're welcome to try my TAG8 or one of my Zeus pistols.

Reloading the stroker is the same as most spring feeds, you compress the spring, remove the plug, pour in paintballs, replace the plug, release the spring.
The AGD sydarm or the Palmer 'RP' style feed, you compress the spring past a front port, pour in paintballs and release the spring(quickest).

The TAG8 is fast, eject magazine, replace with new magazine. Reloading paint into the magazines under fire is tough though, as it pretty much requires you to holster your TAG!

Finding a used stroker is hard, much less finding a deal on one.

I use my pistols as my primary gun and I shoot a ton of paint in a fifteen minute game(100-200 rds), so for me the TAG8 isn't the right choice but it is the best sidearm(I often wear one along with my zeus) because of it's overall size and it's awesome accuracy.

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don't forget about the squall. slightly longer than a delta, not as bulky as a TAG8.
niterocker had two micro-squalls (strokers) for sale and i'm sure he still has them.

check out my page for serious pistolage, warning, many pics:
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How about going with the classic.
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Id definitly recomend the tib-8, zues, or a pgp. Most of the other semi pistols arnt reliable, and the smaller caliber paintball dont break nearly as easy.
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I think I'm starting to come down with what you call "Palmeritis" and you know what, it'll hurt (my wallet) so good. I'm pretty sure that since work is picking up, I should have enough for one by mid august. Then again, there is still the tag-8. AGHH! Its driving me up a wall. Anyone want to "donate" *cough cough* one to my charity, write it off on their taxes, and I'll the cover difference? Seriously though, if anyone wants to get rid of a pistol... [que=freedom]I've got some![/que] Thanks for all the help guys!
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I have owned just about every pistol you can imagine. My collection was well over 30 different types of pistols at one time. I have since let them go and settled on two types...Microsquall and USP.

The USP is IMHO the best low-end pistol. It is hard to reload and change CO2, but it performs very well. Accuracy and velocity are excellent for what you pay.

The Zeus/Core/Overlord (all the same gun really) are your other good choice in this catagory, but they feel very heavy, large and poorly balanced to me.

The PGP Stroker is an excellent choice. It is very tough and handles great. Accuracy, velocity and efficiancy are all very good. Reloading paint and CO2 is not too bad.

The Tib-8 is the new kid on the block and everyone seems to love it. I had a few issues with it, which kept me from really falling in love with mine. The biggest issue for me was that, while the magazine made reloading the gun very easy, reloading the magazine was a major project. It takes some effort to reload the balls, and reloading the CO2 requires a hex wrench. That being the case, you have to be careful not to shoot all of the CO2 out of your mags or you'll find yourself in trouble. I also felt that trouble with the magazine-retention mechanism might be an issue in down the line, although that's just a guess on my part...

My opinion, for what its worth.

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[shameless plug] you could always buy a pug

palmers pug #256

[\shameless plug]
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whoops double post
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I pretty much second NiteRocker's ratings, although I like to shoot a lot of paint so I went with the zeus instead of the USP. I noticed my new G2+ has a metal grip frame which is not even skeletonized under the grips. This doesn't help with the size or weight, but it does balance the gun nicely.

I do argue with some of the acclaim that the Palmer Stroker gets.
They are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship and some I've seen are works of art, but the average stroker or Squall has the exact same loading system for co2 and paint that people are complaining about in $130 guns!

Palmer's RP(for RamboPreacher) style feed, which eliminates a bunch of steps in reloading, to me is what can take this gun past the high priced sidearm category(with, IMO, the TAG8) and into the Ultimate Primary Pistol category(bearing in mind that the teams where I play are 40-50 on a team, so I don't have much choice but to shoot alot of paint). Noone has yet put this on a stroker or squall, when they do they will end up loving it more than anything else paintball related.
A rear feed stroker has the same loading steps and therefore rate of fire as an overlord or PT extreme. If you get a stroker or a squall spring for the extra, you WILL thank me! I modded my zeus to feed from the front like this and it changed my whole game. With reloads that fast and easy, you'll soon find yourself routinely reloading on the move, which opens up your options as a player bigtime.

And No, Palmer's do not pay me to advertise

I have been close a couple of times to sending in my P68SC to be made into a 10 shot RPfed stroker, thinking about all this again is not helping my willpower any

Going to count pennies,
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