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Originally Posted by Venarius View Post
IPR disappeared... anyone else here make the jump?

IPR was the internet paintball resource. One of the first big paintball forums back in the late 90s.
We're still alive.
Ask Epson, and he'll give you the keys.
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Link down?
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Large pump presence...nice to come to a forum with people that appreciate that form of the sport.
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I was looking for a pump-kit for my Automag after a six year hiatus from the game.

Found the BST section.

We all know how the story goes from there.

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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
...this is MCB, no such thing as excessive...
Originally Posted by FirstTarget View Post
You will not have a wallet shortly, just shipping receipts.
Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
Back in my day zombies didn’t run. They walked. Uphill. In the snow. They ate what brains they could find and they liked it.
Originally Posted by NinjaWookie151 View Post
I get bored, like really bored. So I like to make siege weapons.
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I googled Mayo....
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pump players and maturity of the people here
veneratio,veritas,aequitas, ‎
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
So long as its under 18 and over 8 I dont care what it is really...
Originally Posted by ironchef97 View Post
Oh boy...I love wood!
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
well - just like my sex life, I have taken matters into my own hands:
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When I joined, this and Custom Cockers were the only reliable sources of info for cockers that I could find.

From there, things spun way out of control.
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I couldn't get registered over at AO at the time, found a few good deals on stuff I wasn't looking for, and decided to hang around for a bit.....
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The validity of the information and my addiction to the BST section.
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Here from IPR myself. Back then I was browsing Palmers and pump forums. I remember when this place was mostly ebay finds and some people frowned on the extra ease of awareness.

Stayed because of the great community. Only my wallet regrets it, lol.
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