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Boots Shoes

Any recommendations on boots or shoes for paintball. I usually use the dye ATC's but they are getting worn out and they are too narrow for me anyway.

So need a wide fit shoe/boot with ankle support and easy to run in...

Combat boots
Hiking boots


cheap is nice since they gonna get effed up pretty much the first time out...
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I tried the cheap shoes and boots $20 payless shoes. Lasted about 2 weeks. Complete crap. I play in my redwing boots, (made in USA btw) and love them. Plus lifetime cleaning, polish and treatment. They aren't cheap, but well worth it in my opinion.
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'Ankle support' and 'easy to run in' are inversely related.

For running, I highly suggest trail running shoes. The brands I prefer are Asics, New Balance, Mizuno and Salomon. I'm a big fan of Merrell shoes, though. I use a pair of Moab Ventilators right now.
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I would recomend Orginal swat or Black hawk.......I use both and am very happy with them
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Soccer cleats are by far the best that I've used, and I've tried pretty much everything out there.
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Whatever cleats are on sale at the local mega sporting goods store?
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I got the NIKE SFB's... they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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I got a pair of nice baseball cleats with the replaceable cleats so I can go with the metal cleats for that hard packed dried out ground if I need to or stick with the plastic if it's soft or sloopy that week. I like em, they are light weight and keep a nice spring in my step. Allthough I can't use the metal on the airball field.
If playing woodsball I would recommend like Siress the running/hiking boots, good traction and not to heavy to wear all day. I started out with the surplus jungle boots like everyone else in the 80s and twisted so many ankles in them I can't even remember. Football cleats are nice too they will have the high ankle support and excellent traction. Just remember that cleats are built for turf/sod/grass not stepping on rocks/trees/branches they just don't seem to grab as well for some reason.
I would say pick up a cheap pair of cleats and hikers like from wal-mart, you can get both pairs for like $40 and see how you like them or which one fits your style of play and then you can move on to picking up a good pair. Lots of ppl love the military or hunting boots but I don't see the added weight as a bonus, the trail or hiking boots will give you the same benefits unless your in -20 degrees or a swamp. But I would still try a few till you find what you like and works for you.
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I have been using Oakley hot weather boots. Very nice but the new version seems to be made more cheaply than the original one. The originals lasted me a year then the soles peeled off. They were light, comfy and had great support as well as nice traction. I am looking for a place to get them stitched back on so I can used them again. I did buy a set of the new ones as well but they seem heavier and less flexible and I replaced the thin cheap *** laces they are now using.
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Originally Posted by foldadoom View Post
I would recomend Orginal swat or Black hawk.......I use both and am very happy with them
I use original swat boots as well.


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