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load 10 round tube quickly.

I kept on seeing this topic pop up. Since I was bored today, I made a video of how I fill my 10 round tubes quickly. No tools required. Just a old fashion 140 round pod. Besides, I suck at describing stuff with words so a video is much easier.

To give credit where credit is due, I won't claim credit for this. An old friend (AKIA) actually showed me this the first time.
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Well thats easy. Smart


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never thought of it that way, now i can fill them faster.
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That is kinda slick...
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Couldn't watch video because on phone, but another option is ssc speed stick (I think that's the name) but you attach it to a hopper and easily fill em
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I like the revy hopper method but this is a smart idea for those who don't have that setup.
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Wow. This is pretty ingenuous.
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I tried that once, didn't work out as well on a Locklid because of the collar, and I couldn't get the paint not to fall out when removing the tubes.
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This is what you do all day huh ying lol
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