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Originally Posted by Marathon View Post
Ballerina Tutu or French Maid outfit. Neither would be considered intimidating
wrong. this is intimidating.

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totally wrong shoes for that tutu
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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
With all the drama, whining, superiority complex, and "you can't play here newbie" attitude I wonder if scenario paintball is attempting to take a lesson from tournament paintball on how to decrease interest.
Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
I don't particularly have any respect for players using a pump gun.
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i just wear denim jeans, a black long sleeve shirt, cleats and a hat.
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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
I like my new MCB shirt or my Hawaiian shirt. I have also worn my Motor Head shirt. I'm thinking a Rush shirt this year though! Feyd...........
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I generally play in jeans or paintball pants, t-shirt and an old canvas jacket if it's chilly. It's fun being underestimated.

Originally Posted by Usagi Tetsu
Velcor is within all of us, you need not go looking for him. He sayeth, "wherever two or more of you are gathered, there shall I be." He is my solid bunker for me to hide behind from the incoming fire of mine enemies, He is the functioning regulator which keepeth my shots consistent, and He is my keen eye guiding my fire towards my hidden enemies. Yea, whosoever shall believeth in Him shall be guided by His right hand towards the flag, and whosoever denieth Him shall reside for all eternity in the Deadbox of Life.
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Camo pants sometimes paintball pants with a black t shirt or a grey long sleeve.
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gray t shirt
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OK Mar try an make this intimidating....

Of course the garters would be a great place to store extra tubes of paint.
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Marathon, if you have special requests for what Mar wears when he comes for your session, you'll have to pay more than the usual fee.

As always, we appreciate your continued business.
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ok well i think im gonna switch from the idea of wanting to be less showy because of the things said that if ur good they will find out, if ur bad(<----this guy) they will find out. So i am gonna have some fun and dress differant. im thinking. 1. Red hibiscus aloha button down shirt, 2. straw hat. 3. The Hawaiian necklace thing( im blanking on the name of it).
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