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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
Alley Cat. Absolutely the best marker you can buy for $50.
This. Wait, not this. If other people buy them that's less for me!
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Some form of an Automag or a PPS Blazer. Both are easy to work with, and last forever.
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Automag classic (~$140) with a ULE body (~$90). Autococker threads, removable feedneck, and reliable.
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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
Alley Cat. Absolutely the best marker you can buy for $50.
I second this motion. Alley cats are STBBs that are actually good. If you want a pimp mech, pike up an alley cat for $50 bucks and spend the rest of your money pimping it out to perfection. You should still have enough money for a good mask/loader/tank too.
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but it do
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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
Alley Cat. Absolutely the best marker you can buy for $50.
I have to agree with this as well. Can't go wrong with a 'cat. Stupid simple to maintain and pretty damn efficient on air and CO2.
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Originally Posted by Longshot View Post
Hi Guys,

I'd like to buy a gun for a buddy; he's new to the sport and wants a mechanical marker.
Kaos D
Reliability is important, with no need for a particular type of look (milsim not required).
Kaos D

Age doesn't matter, so older mechs are fine (perhaps even better if it keeps initial cost down).
That's cool, but why not a Kaos D?
AC threaded barrel would be nice, but not essential.
Autococker threads? Kaos D!
Guns that require timing/tuning are out (I'm looking at you Autococker).
No timing with the Kaos D
Under $300 USD (and for those who want to offer something for sale, rather than only advice, you gotta be cool shipping it to Sweden).
And the Kaos D comes in at $180! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Finally...its gotta be somewhat better than your basic rental, as he'd like to use it for a number of seasons without 'outgrowing' it.
On/Off ASA, 14", .689 barrel, GREAT Regulator, locking feedneck, dual detents that will accommodate any loader.
Thanks for your suggestions!
I'm a huge fan of the Kaos D. It's a great gun for first time buyers, or even long time buyers. For $180, I haven't found a better mechanical marker. I've even put my favorite gun, my Orracle, to shoot the Kaos D. It's a worry free, shoots every time, marker.

-All Aluminum, no plastic parts.
-Lightweight compared to 'cockers and mag's
-Centerfeed(if you are into that kind of thing)
-Light Trigger Pull
-Machined aluminum, not cast.

It's hard to beat.
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Any stack tube blow back will be great for ease of maintenance. Usually you only have to pull one or two pins and you can slide out the guts. Unless you are having valve or trigger issues you really don't need tools to maintain them. Most STBB markers use Spyder type threads. I just found out through this thread that the Azodin markers are 'Cocker threaded.

If you go with a STBB other than the Azodin ones I would recommend either a Spyder or Piranha. Do not get a "box store" spyder clone. What I mean by that is a View Loader or Brass Eagle marker. Stick with a Kingman Spyder or a PMI Piranha.
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I agree to any Tippmann or (Insert any variation of)Cat.
Automag's are one of my fav's... I really wish AGD didn't goto hell like they did.
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I have to downvote the ICD guns, simply based on the fact that they have powerfeeds, and nothing but powerfeeds. That feed system is awful for someone who needs to learn to aim.

A right feed or center feed classic valve mag would be an excellent gun.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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Not a lot of downsides to a mag. Silly easy to maintain, last forever, can buy used and basically resell for the same price, and can run on either air or CO2. There are also a ton of upgrade paths that can go mech, EP, pneu, or electro. Really nice platform.
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