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Originally Posted by Azoth View Post
Holy cow Ciera. That's a hell of a lot of Tiberius pistols. Really dig the Boondock Saints set. Thanks for sharing.

I know...
I an definitely a paintball junky(especially for pistols)...
And I am always looking for more, especially for the Black Chrome guns...

Usually takes a whole team to rival how many TAC 8/9's I have, and right now I have a Total of 16, not counting 2 I gave my 2 nephews. I love pistols, and right now, the best pistols are the Tiberius Tac 8/9's, they are the 2nd best I ever owned. The Best ever are the AGD Sydarms. But those are almost impossible to get, and when you do find them, (used) they go for almost double what a TAC 8 goes for new (around $350-400), and are not mag fed. And yes I own a few of the Sydarms, you see 3 of them at the bottom of the 4th picture.

As for the Tippman TPX's...
I bought into their hype, and was greatly disappointed with their performance. For their price, should of worked a lot better than they did. I owned 2 TPX's and a TiPX. Tippman sent me all the upgrades for the TPX's, except for replacing the mags with the straight feed ones(they seemed to ignore me about that request,considering at one point I had 12 mags for them), and took forever to fine tune them to work. I finally got them working "O.K." and decided to finally trade them. I kept the TiPX, seems to work a lot better because of the straight feed.

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Jc, you keep saying that word...I don't think you know what it means :P

Brass Eagle Raider
Viewloader Charger
Piranha R6
Piranha GTI
Piranha EXT
Worr Games RG
Proto SLG
Empire Timmy
Prostock Pump
Azodin KP
Outkast Pump
Prostock Pump

I'm probably forgetting a few...
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Plus a heap of Angels, bushmaster SIs, 2 snipers and probably some others.
Find me on PBN if you require my attention

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I recently posted this elsewhere, but it probably belongs here, although I don't usually sell much. Just buy and hoard...

My pile:

Untitled by WilD, on Flickr

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I figured out why I rarely see the Dm3's for sale now...

But I've owned:
Spyder compact deluxe
Post-apocalyptic built trilogy
Evil Minion 06
Angel LCD
'98 RF sniper
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Right now my current collection is:
-J2L with cram and jam
-My little Brother's Orry pump (always in my gearbag)
-Sleeper Tippmann Model 98
-ULE Automag
-Smart Parts SC Village ex-rental Vibe
-Empire Axe Pro

Just need to buy an S6, get it anodized Olive Drab by Bazooka Boy and then call it a day....yeah right. Like I'll ever be content lol.

I also have 3 blowbacks (MR-1, BE Avenger and Phsycoballistics Silver Bullet) in my basement just sitting around.
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I see some people have a fondness for certain markers.
Tibs, cockers, DMs, etc.

Very cool, very cool.
Originally Posted by russc View Post
Senghing, you are the happiest paintballer ever.
~My Feedback~
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I've got a Trilogy Tactical Pump and a Nel-Spot 007 and... That's it. Earlier today I had a Trilogy Tactical SF, but that's elsewhere now
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guns I have bought and since parted with:

DP Rev-I
WGP Black Magic Mech/Electro
P&P Cold Fusion (silver)
SC Phantom with Duck Slide kit

Guns I still have:
Red CCM S6
Blue/silver splashed Cold Fusion
Gloss olive Carter Mini Buzzard
2006 Grey Ghost
1990 Bud Orr sniper II

Guns I want
a Carter Mini Comp
A CCM T2 or Prototype
A bad a$$ splashed autococker (maybe electro)

I would take a picture of my current hoard, but that would lead to too many troubling questions from the wife. How many guns do you have? Why do you need so many guns? How much did all of these cost???
Custom Cockers
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In somewhat accurate order...:
-spyder sonix
-spyder vs1
-dp g3
-orracle sniper
-ccm j2l
-micro phantom
-carter boxgun
-pps painter
-jeff orr sniper
-revenge v2
-1 of 2 squall
-rtp viper
-carter mini buzzrd
-mini buzzard still have
-sheridan project still have
-rtp lever
-cip boxgun
-Carter Duck Still have
-RTR buzzard Still have
I know I am forgetting a few...
Here are my current paintball activities:
Pirranah SB restoration:
Comprehensive High end SC marker review/comparison:
Youtube Chanel:

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