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OK here some pics I've been meaning to post for awhile

1. "Last of the Millennium Series" 22 of 25
Serial# 57745

2. 99 RF Blue Dust
Serial# 54968

3. 99 VF undrilled Blue Dust
Serial# 65317

4. 99 VF BB E2 Dust Black/Chome
Serial# 75708

5. 99 VF E1 (sadly) Race drilled Dust Tri Fade
Serial# 94096

6. 99/2k VF undrilled Factory Mini Dust Silver
Serial# Unknown factory did not stamp

7. 2k VF undrilled Orginal factory Dust Yellow
Serial# 7873

8. 2k+ VF undrilled Orginal factory Dust Tri Fade
Serial# 116805

9. 2k+ VF (sadly) E2 ZeroB Dust Tri Fade
Serial# 133433

10. 2k+ VF Factory drilled E2 ZeroB Dust Dual Fade (WGP body stamps)
Serial# 178874

I have others that are still in project stage. I hope to evently have them up soon.
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Lol my list would be about 3 pages long in microsoft word...someday I'll get pics organized.
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holy **** that's amazing. Does it actually function?

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Pics of my toy room. Ciera's collection made me get off my butt and take some pics. ( Nice saints t-8s, man)






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I need to make friends with an anodizer....
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I posted this a month or so ago... figured I'd add:

Row 1: (top to bottom)
  • Planet Eclipse CSL (Solid Gold)
  • Planet Eclipse GEO 2.1 (Midnight White)
  • Planet Eclipse 2006 Nexus EGO (Italian)
  • Trracer Maverick (Black)
  • One Kitted' Spyder Flash (Pink to Yellow Fade) - Scenario Dreams TBoard, custom eye carrier/cover)

Row 2: (top to bottom)
Row 3: (top to bottom)
  • Boston Paintball Reflex Autococker (Green Splash) - One of the few BPS Reflexes in the wild, was found in the stock room of the Somerville location over 8 years ago and after much begging an pleading was given to me to see if I could get it running again. This is the most cherished item in my collection.
  • Splatmaster (Olive)
  • Winchester Beetle
  • CCM T2 (Camo) - Greg Hasting's personal T2 used for the entire 2011 season, featured on the cover of GHTP2, autographed CCM barrel kit also pictured also pictured.

Row 4: (top to bottom)

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O.O; Why have I never seen that reflex! Gorgeous!
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I don't have any paintball guns, I just like to look at all the pics.
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I may get pics up some day but probably not, my current list is as follows

Ego 8 - Purple and Brown
Vicious Ego 8 - gloss Copper/Silver
Macdev Cyborg Rx - Pewter/Teal
Dye Dm7 - Dust Black/Silver

Ans Gx3 Chaos Series Cocker - Currently a project but it is in damn fine condition. Gloss gold
Warped Sports Dark Cocker (2k3) - Gloss black with red accents
Ariakon overlord rx - ongoing project that will be sold once i am satisfied with it.

2k+ Right feed half block pump - Poo brown but otherwise an amazing shooter, due for anno this year.
CCM T2 - Dust Gold/Silver
Dukie Drv - Second run and pain in my side as i have yet to get it working for an extended period of time. I still love it like my firstborn though haha.
2k1 Pgp

Sold markers:
Tippmann A5 - first gun
Tiberius T8.1 - loved it but never used it.

I feel like there have been others but i can't remember any of them right now.

The wish list:
- One of Chplnstone's levers, boy are they are beautiful.
- Macdev Clone GT
- A karni or eclipse E-cocker
- Double barreled marker of some sort.
- More old brass.
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Great Pics

Great Pic's guys...
Especially love all the Pistols(being s pistol junky myself) and the older guns(especially KP3's).
First gun I ever used was my friend's KP3, first gun I've own was a PGP.
Glad to see I'm not the only one with such a large collection.
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