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Originally Posted by MIDNIGHTANGELZ View Post
All considered! The Accuracy Distance thing-a-ma-jig will be swift, only because that question arises from everyone that has never had a pistol. So i just want to show that its at the same level as the rest. And from what I know and what it is requested this will be a lengthy video..
As well as the thousands of people that still fall for the same '80s marketing hype with barrels, but I understand what you mean now.

As mentioned, there is obviously more that goes into accuracy than speed of the ball but that topic has been beaten to death here already on MCB.

Consistency would be the better focus IMO if that's your goal. The more consistent the gun, generally the more "accurate".

Another good point would be to compare the pistols as they come in their stock form. No aftermarket accessories or gimmicks to skew things for better or worse.
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Thats not a problem because I rock all stock for Performance.
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You guys want live targets running around?! Lol I have people that are dying to be in it heh heh
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in order of most helpful (to me) would be:

an instructional vid of each marker, either first person or 90 degrees to the side, showing reload sequences, trigger break effort, the marker fitting in your hands, and general operaion.

a similar vid to the one above, but in mock combat.

vids similar to the above two, but dual wielding.

short FPS style recaps showing off the pistols, getting the 'lead' out, some action, probably doing your "accuracy" commentary from this perspective and using brightly colored paint.
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Here's an idea, put 48 rounds through each with (2) mags per marker and time it. I think that will clear up alot of questions I have. If you have (2) standard mags you'll have to reload each mag (3) times and do atleast (1) 12 gram change (most likely [2]) on the fly which should highlight the ergonomics of each. This should show which is easier to mag load, re-load a mag and change a 12 gram.
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I want to see videos of one-on-one matches. This needs to be between identical twin brothers for accurate results.

Nothing touts a products merits like real-world testing.

On the same note... Lots of target shooting... Better accuracy averaged over many users would indicate to me superior ergonomics. And by many users, I mean all kinds of users. People off the street who have never shot a gun. Police and military guys. Toddlers. Wealthy philanthropists. Strippers. The wider the spectrum, the better. (Stripper; the wider HER spectrum, the better!)

And also destructive testing. What happens when you drive a car over each one, can you soak it in water, pull it out and fire it, can you soak it in hydrochloric acid , pull it out and fire it, etc. How many licks does it take to get to the center of each tootsie pop? And by licks, I mean 12g shotgun shells. And by tootsie pop, I mean bunnies. Or paint pistols.

Durability is very important to me.

Also, sound testing. In an anechoic chamber. I want to know which one is more recognizable on field. That's very important to me. And screw decibel meters and computers. My opponent isn't going to have a goddamn computer in his bunker with him for surfing Miley Cyrus fan sites... He's gonna use his effing EARS! I want you to find an expert in hearing, and put them in there with you. And then shoot them, and ask which one is easier to detect!

Finally... I want you to approach beautiful women on the street... And see which one they prefer. Ask them if they would rather sleep with a guy who plays with a whole 9.1 or just the Tip. What gets me positive attention from women is also pretty important when I'm buying paintball pistols.

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Goody gumdrops, I can't wait! I think Red thirst nailed most of what I would care to see. I have been trying to find good non biased info comparing the two back to back for a while now.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
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Originally Posted by PitBull View Post
i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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I know a lot of reviews try and stay as neutral as possible to each party. I really like this but I do like it when reviewers leave a personal segment regarding their personal thoughts on the product. Facts on paper are great but a small opinionated portion is what I look for.
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Now in 3D!
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How is this vid coming?
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Clamp both down to a bench, level the barrels and shoot both at the same time, see where the shots land on seperate boards.
Also the aforementioned stripper!
Or just reload time and co2 changes. =)
Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
i play pump because the electronic triggers hurt my feet (i shoot my toes)
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