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Originally Posted by GMAN1 View Post
Just out of curiosity I would like to know why you switched from the tac8 to the tpx.
Initially, I spoke to Ninja @LL4, tossed the single tank/ dual sleeve lines design at them.. originally set for the T8.1s.. only problem is I never got the 8.1s. Oct/Nov '11 came around. So while that project was running, I was waiting. Nothing. CPX & Tippmann made a nice contribution to my mission. They were generous to say the least. And the TiPX allied up with the Dual Lines, like PB & J.

On my task to innovating the Dual Wielding Scene it just came together.. Unfortunately, there are no air adapters through the back of the T8s so.. T8s are for cartridges and TiPX are for Constant air. Whether Tiberius and I agree or not, Ill still rock my T8s & extendo's occasionally, because that is where I came from, without Tiberius's help. Now that I have true sponsorship and support I will be pushing Tippmann products. ONLY because I believe in it. I do not push any product that I do not believe in. Truth be told, I had the Tpxs in Spring of '11 .. didn't like 'em Lol. Then I "thunk'd" up the constant air setup and wah lah.. everything happens for a reason~

I will not bash either product because its Ferrari and Lamborghini in the Pistol World~ Any kind of bashing is just biased.

This video is taking longer because
1. Family Passings
2. Someone murdered my camera, found it yesterday evening floating in the washer.
3. I consider ALL request and with that being said- This will be a long video...

Each pistol I have likes and dislikes with.. I will most definitely be giving my person segmented opinions on each. Everything you guys want to know WILL BE IN IT (unbiased str8 truth).

(and yea the virtue clocks are not as accurate as the standard red chrono's- AND reloading speed is not my specialty, Shoot smarter not harder
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Originally Posted by MIDNIGHTANGELZ View Post
CPX & Tippmann made a nice contribution to my mission. They were generous to say the least.
Ah yes, makes sense. I figured as much. Good luck to your endeavors.
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