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A few years back during a 1 VS 1 tourney my son 12 at the time started at the far end with backs to the field, 3,2,1, go! He turns and runs right into a stack of tires, goes through them sending tires rolling and somehow ends up on the ground with a atv tire around his leg up to his knee. He spends about half a minute trying to get it off rolling around on the ground, the crowd is laughing so hard a few of them are on the ground and his ref is crying he is laughing that hard. The other player had no idea what was happening and couldn't see my son. He finally gets the tire off and gets up and does manage to win the match but it was hilarious. He was embarassed to say the least.
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I remember I crawled up about ten feet from a bunker which had two of my friends on the opposing team in it, and there was a crack in the side of the bunker about 4 inches wide I could see one of their heads through. I lined up a shot with my phantom and hit him square in the side of the head, he falls down and all of a sudden I hear "no break" and sure enough his head pops back up inline with the crack, so I fire again and sure enough it hits him in the head but once again i hear "no break", and back comes his head, I have no idea how they haven't spotted me yet or figured the direction I was firing from because his head comes up in the same spot, and finally on the third shot it breaks and I hear call him self and walk off the field. He wasn't to happy about the balls not breaking on the first or second shot.
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Watched a guy "gaurding" the fort by marching up and down in front of it.
Chased a player into a tangle of vines, he actualy managed to get completly caught up in them and suspended about 4 feet of the ground.....shot him anyway .

But I think the best on was a guy on our team called Peter was a complete clutz he could trip over air, anyway Peter and I were moving through the bush and I caught sight of a couple of opposing players I shot out one, but the (days of bolt actions and pumps) other decided to up and run away before I could load a second round, Peter stands up to shot somehow manages to tangle his own feet up with each other and sort falls/flips forwards but onto his back, anyway as he hits the ground he pulls the trigger on his marker and actually hits this guy in the back of the head as he was running away......I was standing there like a stunned mullet!
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Raise your hand if you fell down the stairs at castle.
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I ran off to play one day and left the 3/4 case of paint I still had at home. Thankfully a friend of mine let me use some (we actually shared a bag that day. Pump for the win!).
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Originally Posted by lexiones View Post
Raise your hand if you fell down the stairs at castle.

I fell up the stairs reffing it one year.
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I played a winter big game at a local field, during the game we were holding the main town. At one point I turned around to see two guys on my side making a snow man in the middle of the town. Pretty cool.
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