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Originally Posted by cdrinkh20 View Post
I need some Injinjis, but only one place has some local and they only have one limited supply -__- I use tea tree oil on my feet, and foot powder in the shoes to cut down on the smell. Still wash regularly though.

As for your podiatrist...I don't see why it would make a difference. The NB Minimus and other shoes like that aren't really any different, they just offer a little more cushion (which may or may not be better for easing into the trend)... but the VFFs offer more ground-feel, which allows your feet to adapt to the terrain they feel underneath them... better. EDIT: Re-read that, and there is no particular reason to recommend those "brands" as anything better. It's all about picking a shoe that works with your biomechanics, and most brands offer neutral and stable shoes for different people. I get people to try a "foam" cushion shoe like NB, Saucony, Nike, etc...Mizuno, due to the "wave plate", and Aesics, for the gel cushion. Once they pick one, we go for the cushion/weight tradeoff they like.

On a side note, I'm waiting for my own pair of Minimus to come in because I get them cheaper than my employee discount through our Employee Purchase Plan (it's basically free advertising if we wear their shoes while working). It's a bonus because while my girlfriend has tolerated my VFFs when going to malls and stuff, they are still not any better than "kind of cool" lol. Easier on her :P
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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
All I know is my podiatrist does NOT recommend the vibram toe shoes but does recommend nb and aesics.
Eh, I never go off of doctor recommendations. They're not exactly unknown for being influenced to rep for companies.

I go off of what works. For me I let the results speak for themselves. My VFF have all but eliminated many of the every day pains I've been dealing with for almost a decade.

When I wear regular shoes for any length of time the pain is back, when I wear VFF all day it's still not there. Though by the end of the day my feet start getting sore if I've been on pavement. I believe that's b/c I'm still getting used to them. 80% of the time I'm barefoot these days.
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Reviving this thread....

Just played the final battle at Wayne's World Grand Finale in my Five Fingers (KSO). Man, did they feel comfy! I did wear socks with them. I played the final battle with them because it was in the town (mock up town and open grass) but didn't want to go in the woods with them. Just a little cautious because I didn't want to take a tree root or rock to the sole of my foot while running, but I might start expanding from this past experience.

They held up pretty good and gave me good traction. Right up until, that is, I ventured into a tower and the floor of it was covered in paint. Although no one is going to gain a hold in that kind of an area anyway

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ive actually been using filas skeletoes amps for pball lately not as much feedback from the soles but the toe te pocket and there so much cheaper its worked well
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Doobie pointed these out on Facebook the other day and after reading a lot, im wondering if minimalist footwear could help me with my back problems over time. Well that and getting rid of this gut I have successfully nurtured over the last 20 years.

Mini-Mil™ Minimalistic Traning Boot

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First one to break a toe wins!

Have you guys looked into Feiyue shoes? The sole is really minimal. I used them as running shoes for a while(did we all stupidly read "Born to Run"?), but the soles run down.
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Originally Posted by NotBrian View Post
First one to break a toe wins!

Have you guys looked into Feiyue shoes? The sole is really minimal. I used them as running shoes for a while(did we all stupidly read "Born to Run"?), but the soles run down.
I would have to ask why? They aren't minimalist (Look like nice shoes with Chuck Taylor soles), and don't really come across as actual workout, much less paintball shoes.
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Well, there are plenty of options for minimalist footwear nowadays...

I have 3 Fivefingers now, the New Balance Minimus Zero, Inov-8 Trail Roc 245 (3mm drop)...the Saucony Kinvara trail I almost got (but didn't because I wanted flexible shoes torsionally and they had carbon rock plates separated at midfoot).

You can find some from many running shoe manufacturers. Inov-8 is one my new favourites (particularly for trail shoes)--there are some "Bare" Inov-8s that get as thin as the fivefingers but without the toes. Plenty of the shoes around can hit zero mm drop but still have some cushioning to them...

I'm waiting to get some Brooks PureGrit I won at work, and I'm looking to pick up some Mizuno Wave Universe 4s (they are 3-4mm but they weigh less than 4 oz in a Men's 9!).

I work at the Running Room and we get a ton of people whose doctors and podiatrist recommend New Balance shoes in particular...don't know why. Asics, Saucony, Mizuno, Brooks...all good brands. Nike doesn't work for me but they make some good ones (all about arch placement, Nike puts it further back it seems like).

Just make sure you try on several so you have something to compare to.

Also....I don't have money for it now () but there is a Kickstarter with one week, Vibram soled, handmade in USA leather dress shoes. Sounds badass--I hate dress shoes. Altum's Barefoot Dress Shoe by Altum: Men's Barefoot Dress Shoe — Kickstarter
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Anyone know a good minimalist shoe (hopefully multi-purpose, if not then for trails/hiking/paintball) for dudes with wide feet?

Or maybe a site/store I can check out that has a good selection?

I want to find a good shoe to run in and also use out in the woods, but the stores around here never really have a good selection when it comes to wider shoes.
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this thread has made me want these things I feel like I would want to run all the time.
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