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Yea, I got a gun back from ATMF they totally screwed up, sent it back to be fixed, then they closed down their operation...still haven't gotten my stuff back yet...need to call them soon I guess.
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merp. *edit* now i'm interested in tonsixer's stuff.

How was the bill for you guys? Pricey? Worth it?

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Originally Posted by Justus View Post
ATMF recently had some problems locating some parts for a couple of the guys over on AO. I was talking with them about a project and then all of a sudden got no response from them.

From what I've heard, the guys you'll want to get in contact with now are either Caustic Customs (check facebook) or FX Anodizing.
i am one of those guys who ended up missing parts. ATMF did this for me:

They definitely didn't get it all right though... the POPS was supposed to be two colors, the feed neck was supposed to be "infection" and i have yet to receive the feed neck collar or trigger. supposedly they are coming... my future ano needs are going to be directed towards the Tonsixers i believe.
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I'll second FX.
Originally Posted by storminnorman View Post
No one likes a dirty slot lol.
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
I've played pump against the worst of the paintball scum bags, do I hang it up? Nah.... I play angrier.
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hmm... how are FX's prices? I'm only thinking of about 4 or 5 pieces I want anno'd, and I don't know if I've got all that much money to spend...

just looking for a place with a good price for a small batch, that offers a nice dark velvety plum purple... and could do like a dual tone/dual color thing on one piece (nightkast AC body, comes stock with one part gloss one part dust. only want dust's color changed)
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tonsixers ftw. got great service on my freak boring job and mitch is really responsive when i inquired about having my phantom done

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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Patar: Just go Tonsixers man, they are the popular choice because they are the very best, and they are good friends of mine... please send your work to them, you will not be disappointed (and you won't over-pay or wait long either!!)
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I don't even know why I was asking, I knew I'd go with tonsixers anyway hahaha.

I've seen other ano done and I'm just not impressed. If the metal refinishing place around the corner from me won't do paintball parts, then tonsixers it is.
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FX Anodizing kind of turned me off on their Facebook page recently. I asked a question, an uninformed question, but a question that I had regarding their services. I got a reply back that seemed very flippant and didn't answer my question. Just didn't seem like someone I wanted to do business with.
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If anyone has an issue with ATMF let me know, I have the owners phone number

Also - check out Ballers Inc Anno.

Charles Eric Holland is a stand up guy.
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We don't want to actually hurt you, we just want to mess with you a bit...
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