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The Problems
It's violent (ish) - So is Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, Judo, and the shooting sports that are already in the Olympics.
Cheating - Okay, I agree.
not enough camera angles and dull. (Set up cams on the bunkers and under guns) - Bingo.
More countries need to play - enough play to make it interesting. Think about Olympic Mountain Biking
Ramping. (I think we should use capped (8.5 bps) semi to encourage movement) - why cap at 8.5? Why not make it pump? It would certainly encourage movement.
Expensive (most popular olympic sports are cheap. Track, swimming, soccer, b bal) I know there are other expensive sports, but it doesn't help. - True(ish) for most Olympic Events, but look at the equipment costs for a Bicycle, Skis, Luge, Bobsled, Sail boat, etc... Compared to many of these sports, paintball is cheap as heck!

But aside form all that (and I'm just playing a little Devil's Advocate there, not really busting your chops), who would make the paintballs? Imagine what the Olympic Committee rules for a basic paintball? Color, weight variance, diameter variance, shell thickness, fill material, fill thickness, shell material, shell brittleness, and so forth. By the time we got an official standard Olympic-grade Paintball, they would cost $1 each.

I would LOVE to see it as an Olympic Sport, but I don't think it will happen. It's not even an X-game - and they have Rally Car...
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I totally get what you are saying. However, I think the combination of these problems is what does it in, many sports get by with just a few of these flaws.

I said 8.5 because pump play is a lot more fringe than semi play. That being said, I love pumps, at think it would be a great way to get back to our roots in the sport. (think Recurve bow shooting)

I totally get the expensive argument. It's just a little part of the bigger problem.

The biggest problem is the camera rigs. Almost every paintball video I've watched it dull as heck because people spend time in bunkers. As helmet cams get cheaper this will improve. Once we have nicer cameras, we have to televise it more.

As far as paint, I don't see that being too big of a deal. Have weight and diameter restrictions and either choose a sponser for the entire event (think Adidas with Fifa), or allow countries to bring their own.

I have to sadly agree. Paintball just doesn't seem Olympic to me. However, I think it has the possibility to fill the same Niche of video game commentary if enough money was thrown at it. Airsoft has. Look at Levelcap on Youtube
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