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ive played against this guy at my local field. I only Use pistols, dont get me wrong he throws paint like no other but its paintball; being a pistol guy im use to it. In all the games we played he prolly shot 1000X time more paint then me but I dont believe I ever got bonus balled. Ive been bonus balled way more by "rentals" then I have some of the more experienced players.

yea there is always that douche who shoots you a couple of times.
Hell if im mid range I double tap with my pistol all the time and get dual goggle shots.
Do I do it on purpose.. no but it happens.

ive got a video of one of our games loading atm.
Youll see him throwing ropes.. then when I get out(yea I get out go figure) I only got shot once and if I recall correctly he shot me in my pistol youll see the video.. the ending is quick tho :-p

hes behind the far back right bunker

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Being one of "those guys" who has built a Double Trouble and plays pump I see both sides of it. When I run the DT I use it for suppression. I try very hard to stay aware of where I am to keep from hammering the other team. Playing pump I do my best to flank and get close. Over shooting is an issue but like some have said it's not the regulars it's the noobs that haven't been consulted about it. Best thing to do is address the issue when you encounter it. Not aggressively mind you. Just explain it to the guy or girl
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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
I don't think it matters. I've seen plenty of 18+ people do the same thing. Hell I've seen 40 year olds light up a 12 y/o kid's back.

*edit* I should add the only thing that I've seen works really well is to send 5 really good guys after the asshat who lights up 12 y/o. Once the asshat is the victim they stop doing it to other people.
But if you did it my way there wouldnt be any kids to light up. And you could have a seperation of rules fkr the mixes group and another set for the adult group
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I don't know this guy...and it's was really hard for me to tell what he did or didn't hit with the hopper in the way. But - I just hate ramping in it makes him look like he's carelessly shooting to me. That's my only rant.

That said, covering fire is really never a bad plan.
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Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
One thing for sure, Hell's had superb reffing.
Not in my experience with their big games. Went to Tippmann last year, and most engagements, you couldn't see a ref, anywhere. When we did see them, they were huddled in the bases that had no action, or near some random girl who was playing. They also had no idea on what the actual game rules were, one even told a buddy of mine that b/c he ran out of paint he was 'out' and had to take the walk. Also, watched a bunch be reactive (like they wanted to yell at ppl) over a safety issue instead of proactive and making sure ppl kept their masks down on the one field exit. (8 were just sitting in the back of the truck only yelling at the ppl then punching their cards if they took their masks off a few feet too soon, instead of posting someone to remind ppl to keep them on)

This year's Tippmann is my last stand for them. If they aren't better, HS will see no more of my business.

Back on topic...

As a limited paint player, i understand there is a place for ppl who shoot that much, my field has one, and we enjoy having him on our team when we need to move around. But some of these ppl tend to shoot 50 balls when the first 3 did the stated, once they are in the air, you can't take them back. Its about knowing when to shoot that many shots, and when to not.

As having been on the receiving end of these types of ropes, it sucks when they aimed right early, then there's still 20 in the air that will hit you b/c they thought it was fun to essentially go full auto.
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Originally Posted by JJaxx View Post
Okay guys back to point of this thread.... It is high rates of fire that scare away new and lesser experinced players. And that was the point that Russc was trying to make. The video just shows some of the high rates of fire out there.

I know this was at a big game where high ROF are the norm. But think of it at a walkon day. I have seen it happen at my local field. When high rates of fire are present newer player cringe in the staging area. Some dont even comeback!

If we keep scaring away new players there will be no one left to play.
Then this video wasn't a good one to use as an example. This was a big game. Big games are, by definition, different than a walk on game. So showing a person shooting a consistent 12.5 bps, ramping or otherwise, during a big game (Has anyone actually been to D-Day recently...?), and saying that his kind of play is what's killing the sport is really out there. I know that there are going to be haters, and for some, they just don't get it. And that is fine, because for some, the idea of taking out a stock class marker that only gets around 25 shots before the air tank has to be replaced, and holds around 20 shots, just does not make sense either. Instead of bagging on the guy for playing and having fun, which is why I play paintball, regardless if I am out at a rec game, a big game, a scenario game, or a tournament.

Oh, and the part about bagging on the guys that play tournament ball, and take like 14 pods and their hopper, it's 2180 shots in a 7 minute max game, compared to final battles that last 30 to 60 minutes, and those take out around 50 pods. You do the math, determine who is shooting more, per minute or even second, and figure out the difference between 7 people opposite you, that when eliminated, stand in the corner, not shooting, versus 500+ that when they get eliminated go back to where they started, and come right back at you.
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Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever View Post
. You do the math, determine who is shooting more, per minute or even second, .
Is one shooting faster if we measure it per minute vs per second?

Sorry - could not resist.
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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post

But if you did it my way there wouldnt be any kids to light up. And you could have a seperation of rules fkr the mixes group and another set for the adult group
Why shouldn't we younger players be allowed to play? It's about the mentality, not about the age. The youngest player in my team is just 10 years old (actually, he just became 10, his bday was on Monday) and he has no problems playing against adults. And he plays speedball only, with ramping and all that.

With that said, some 10-year-olds are much more sensitive, and are defiantly scared by high ROF. But some adults are too..

Just from my experience, playing both speedball and recball in the woods.
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No im not saying they shouldnt i would just like there to be more options like say i go to a walk on day of ay at a field that has 10 walk on fields i think 8 should be all ages 1 should be younger kids only and 1 should be adults only all with appropriate rule sets and corresponding waivers

But then i suppose private groups fill that void
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I was there. Think I split off left at that point. Yes, as others said, that was the monster game. The area he pushed out of was actually the insertion zone and there was a dire need to get the red team out of there at that point. There's a lot of paint flinging that goes on. Some of it is used tactically to clear areas and to try and break stalemates at some of the bases (like 50 people camping in a single base). If you get 50 people to rush shooting paint you can sometimes make some headway.

It was a big game and while the video might seem to the contrary, msonic isn't a butthead and Hell Survivors is a very well run field. Typical play there is nothing like this. Big games can get quite dicey but there are actually plenty of refs and little tolerance for stupidity.

General / open play is fairly casual and friendly. They also have the monthly pump and pistol game there that quite a few us frequent. Hopefully it'll keep growing as it's been awesome so far. They also tried to bring back a monthly "old school" semi game (pumps / semis, no batteries...etc) but turn out was too low.

Talked to one of the mercs this weekend and he had some thoughts on improving that tower. Too many people get cornered / stuck in there and the windows are way to low. I personally try not to go in many of the buildings, especially if there isn't an exit at both ends.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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