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Very Bork.
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Guns i've ot for free:
5x SMP shoebox shocker, in parts, now assembled and working
1x impulse
1x angel
3x mech cockers
1x e-cocker
1x Splatmaster rapide
2x rainmakers
Propaby more that i have forgottena bout. I've been working in a paintball store for years, and everyone that plays in my area knows im in to old guns, so people just dropped of whatever old crap they had when they got new guns

The best deal i've paid for is a 06 timmy för 45$, and my very first gun i bought for 100$, sold it to some guy for 120$ and bought it back for 30$ a year later..
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Paintball Fox
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I also liked the 50$ for 10 tiberius magazine when pepper was liquidating them :P Managed to grabs 2 set ^_^

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Post all the things!
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I got a basically unused system-x dragon with the xonik frame for $125. Miss that marker now =(

I got a Karnivore, also basically perfect condition, that was an E1 version for something like $200 I think it was. Not a bad marker, just not for me. It was promptly moved forward.
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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
I'll be munching on this box for months!
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I found a Razorback III at the Salvation Army for $10.00. It wasn't working because the powertube was too short. I sold the lapco valve parts for $15.00 and just used trracer internals. The best part...several months later I wanted to replace the Lonestar II grip, and when I opened the trap door on the bottom...$42.00 in cash and an old field pass !!! The old style $20.00 bills really dates the gun.
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Buzz Killington
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got a pretty new black/gold karnivor for $300
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Trails Of Doom
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About 7 years ago I was at a yard sale and I found a old compound bow, with $20 on it. I offered $10 and they sold it for that.

This weekend, there was a guy with a really nice Tippmann A-5 with factory realtree, flatline, stock, and double trigger that wanted to trade for a hunting compound bow.

He was happy with an even trade, and he even had a 9 ounce tank with it.

Friday, I got a carbon fiber compressed air tank for $10... again off craigslist. It is at the hydrotester being certified.
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The Game
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Got a few alright deals. Bought a classic mag, steely and revy for $100.

Traded a POS stock class piranha for a lnib black magic pump.

A few years ago I bought a slg, steely and halo b off a kid for $100.

Bought events for $30.

Bought a virtued and cp'd empire Timmy for $190.

Traded a broken dm4 and a pos pump for a pm7.
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Originally Posted by John Satclaire View Post
Speaking of which, did you ever get that thing reassembled and working?
Nah, it sits disassembled with a few other guns. Far from the priority list.
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Last year I found a dollar on the floor at work. bought an instant lottery ticket with it won 50. used that money to buy bf3, traded bf3 for a carbon fiber tank. Sold the tank for 90. Bought a box of ion crap for a mech ion project for 60, got pissed sold it on ebay for 150. Bought a g3 iq for 110 and another tank for 40. Person I bought the g3 for decided they quit paintball, traded the g3 and tank for an htc flyer android pad. Sold the pad on ebay for 290, bought an asus transformer prime for 340.

That was the story of my 1 dollar tablet.
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Back in early june..

Two boxes filled with paintball stuff One weighing 58 pounds the other weighing about 22 (?)pounds,both boxes were part of the same sale.. the total was 250 SHIPPED!
Boxes contained

Trinity mg-4 with upgrades and many attachments, New.
5 like new packs
6 like new pairs of various brand pants
5 tanks
3 loaders (all in working ,good+ condition)
2 NIB loaders
3pairs of pads,like new
2 new masks
various regs
3 New Dye Ryno tank covers
Like new sony psp with 7 games,movies,new system case

box #2 contained

3 new Tiberius T8s (SPPL Edition) in cases,with manuals,tools,blank warranty cards and mags.

Sale sat in gear bag section for 4 days at 300+ shipping OBO and no one bit..he lowered to 250 plus..
I offered 250 and offer was accepted, Best deal Ive gotten in a daaaaaaamn long time..
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