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Murf425 09-19-2012 05:22 PM

Good/Bad Customer Service Experiences
What paintball companies have you had good customer service experiences with? Which ones were negative?

I haven't had any particularly bad ones yet, but I've had two REALLY good ones:

1) Lower reg seal in my Kaos-P regulator blew. I called Azodin, and the phone was answered on the second ring. I told them what was wrong (expecting to get a new o-ring), and was told "Okay, what's your address and I'll send you a rebuild parts kit". It showed up the very next day.

2) I bought a used Ion off Craigslist, and the kid who had it didn't know how to install his CP trigger. It was just the trigger, the screw, and the threaded it flopped ALL over the damn place. Called CP, the phone was answered right away, and I was told "Okay, send me your mailing address to this email with a note about what you need and I'll get it right out". Two days later I got an envelope with every single piece that comes with a new trigger aside from the actual trigger itself.

So far, Azodin and CP are both tops in my book.

JLuke 09-19-2012 05:30 PM

most paintball companies have landed on the good side.

On the bad note, one paintball warehouse, i forgot the name back in like 06 or 07 or something that went out of business. Ordered 250 dollars worth of stuff, charged my card then said half of it was backordered for a few days, do i want to ship the in stock stuff now for two shipping charges or just wait till it's all in stock, i decided to wait. 3 weeks pass, decide to cancel the other stuff and just let them send what's in stock, well now EVERYTHING is backordered. Another month passes, cant get ahold of anyone, answering machine tells me it's full, no email replies. Few months later after that find out the place went bakrupt and shut down, didn't know what to do, lost my money. oh well, guess that's why i'm so impatient now on ordering stuff, it better be in the mail within a couple of days after you have my money.

James_Blond 09-19-2012 05:57 PM

PPS= awesome. Emailed me back in two business days. Identified parts and gave me the other info I needed. Ordered parts today. ;)

lurker: guy went and measured the diameter of a barrel for me. Now I plan on ordering one to have lathed for my blazer. email response I believe was right around 24hrs.

compulsive paintball: I messed up my order somehow when trying to use their paypal feature. I emailed and explained what happened and they straightened it out quickly. Will probably order from them again when i have the need.

T-T 09-19-2012 06:47 PM

Right... American companies...

Lurker - two Eigen barrels, last year? Postage to the uk was extremely cheap and turned up very quickly, a week I think?

PPS- a fatty at first, good postage cost, turned up in about a week one again. Order two fatty rebuild kits a few months after and they arrived in about the same time.

Oh yeah! How could I forget WALZ and Stanchy? =P

My stickfeed from WALZ was built and turned up in about... Two weeks? Fantastic!

SpeedStick from SSC, arrived in about a week again, great stuff.

2slow4me 09-19-2012 10:47 PM

The good - Planet Eclipse; Lost my frame tag for my EGO6. Sent me a brand new one for free no questions asked even though they've been out of production for years.

The bad - Metadyne. Getting a response? Haha! :ROTFL:

BigOldSkool 09-19-2012 10:50 PM

I wont get into it because I know Ill get angry emails again from their spy-reps...

But eclipse, supposedly good... unless you want to repair and old gun then the snippy "tech" people tell you to "Just buy a new gun they are better any way"

Also, MacDev.... Tech support? More like joke.... I needed a spare part for a droid reg, they sent the wrong part, when I did get the right part it was a used broken part and didn't work.

Falcon16 09-19-2012 11:04 PM

in the pb industry I'd say Lurker,ASP and DBD are top notch in my book. Ordered from all 3 before and each had excellent communication and top notch products.

Outside of PB I had a stunningly good experience with Gateway when I had to send my laptop in for a faulty HD repair. Most polite tech reps I've spoken to ever who know their stuff and are willing to go the extra mile. They were out of my size of HDD (250GB) so the RMA upgraded me to a 500GB for free AND they noticed I'd been getting a battery error (plugged in not charging) so they also replaced the battery with a 9 cell instead of the 6 cell it shipped with. When I got it back it had also been flashed with the latest BIOS and all the newest drivers were installed along with being given a custom recovery disk that was up to date instead of using the factory ones I got with it that were 9 months old at that point. I was pleased with them greatly.

Another great company to deal with is Asus. my netbook had the LCD leak (known fault it looks like a cracked screen without the physical crack) I send it in and get it back in 72 hours which was even faster than Gateway (5 days including the weekend)

socalpumpballer 09-19-2012 11:12 PM

good- palmers,top notch work and support

bad- macdev... back in 07 i won a Brand New Stormtrooper anno 07 cyborg at their booth at NPPL HB. (back when storm trooper was the must have anno scheme) i was super stoked. after a month it never showed up. i called them and they told me the guy that was running the contest left the company. They tell me that they will ship it out ASAP. When it arrived i opened the box to find a factory blemished/returned Colbalt anno'd 07 cyborg. it even had the return form and it said blemished on the side of the box. it was a pretty noticeable anodizing blemish not to mention it was the wrong color. i was pretty disappointed but i didn't feel like it was worth the trouble of harassing them over a free gun.

pirhana92 09-19-2012 11:24 PM

The good:

Azodin- pump arm snapped, sent them an email, had a response within 24 hours,
. They asked me what part I needed and within a day or say they had the part shipped out and I recieved the part a few days later.

CCM- we all know they rock. When I bought my T2, Mel was on the ball with pm's when I had a few questions about it when I got it and I emailed her, she replied back super fast.

Ninja- thought my tank was broken so I called them, they answered right away and answered my question right away. Ended up being nothing.

Ansgear- made a mistake on my order, called them an had the problem fixed right away.

The bad-

Paintball online. I can never get through to them, and when I finally do, they are rude. I hate buying from them.

Dye- they take forever to respond to my emails and even then the info they give me sucks.

I've had a pretty good experience with most companies. There are only a handful of companies I really despise.

I guess I'll add in non paintball companies too.

Best buy- worst customer service ever. It would take me forever to write all my problems I've had with them.

Mossberg- really good customer service.

Apple- they are pretty good at returning emails and usually help fix the problems.

Steve_81 09-19-2012 11:55 PM

Probably the worst service I have gotten was from WGP right before Budd sold the company. I had a brand new SuperStock marker that wouldn't shoot out of the box. Almost looked like the marker was refurbished. So I called WGP up and got my RA number and sent the marker in. A week later I called WGP to check on the status of my marker and was told that my marker had just arrived that day. The very next day to my surprise i receive a package in the mail. I open it up and it's my SuperStock....untouched. It was almost as if they took it out of my packaging, put it in theirs and shipped it right back out. Horrible customer service.


Originally Posted by pirhana92 (Post 2480149)

Paintball online. I can never get through to them, and when I finally do, they are rude. I hate buying from them.

I agree with you on that company. Bought something off of their site around 6pm. (I'm in the same time zone as them) realized i messed up on the order and called them literally 5 minutes after i placed the order. They told me sorry but your package has already shipped so it can't be cancelled or changed. It was supposed to ship USPS.....anyone who uses common sense knows they were lying.

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