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I honestly feel bad for Metadyne. I think they sold the Thumpers at a loss, and now they're probably hemorrhaging money due to the repair and replacement costs. The customer service issues probably come from the fact that they've got tons of angry phone calls and emails, and they're just trying to put their heads down and work through the backlog. I really want to see them pull through this.
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I still love metadyne as a company and want to see them pull through
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I wouldn't answer the phones either if the Thumper had my name on it.

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If you can find a Thumper with the upgraded parts they are great pumps. It's really a shame they botched the launch otherwise it would have been a huge hit no question about it.
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Ive talked to Brian over the phone a few times about the thumpers and he really wants to get it right when he sends the markers out..I mean whats the point of sending markers out knowing that they will be returned after a few shots or 1,000 shots. He's working on getting the product right before shipping it back and hopefully it will be worth the wait..Last i talked to him before the move he had to dedicate some time to the Havoc's to be able to pay the bills and keep afloat,at least thats what i got out of the conversation..He wants this to be right and the nightmare to be over for everyone.. I will say that i knew the thumper were a problem child before i got into them and feel for those that pre ordered or bought them going in blind..Never, Never buy a first run anything ! Wait untill the reviews come out,do your research and wait some more untill they end up in end users hands and listen to what they have to say about the product.. I know some day the thumpers will be right, i have to have hope..I have well over $1,000 rideing on it... The Havoc's are another story and i have no input to add on those except to try the fixes that are posted on the boards here. I agree CS is bad, but its still CS at this point and not just a walk away from the products...

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There is a mod posted here for the havoc that seems to fix the shredding
You fill in the relief port with epoxy...
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Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
I have a first run havok and didn't even know about the updated parts lol
I also have a first run Havoc. It has not given me any trouble until last November. It blew the o-ring and will repeatedly blow them.

I emailed or called and they told me I needed the updated valve part. I asked how to get them and was told the part was on the site.....yet the part is not on the site. So since then the Havoc is useless.

Originally Posted by Jackson View Post
Me neither.

As to fixing your Havoc, I had the same issue. I ended up getting a female Stabilizer and using that to control the pressure. I just cranked the built in reg screw all the way in to bottom out the spring. That way the reg piston shouldn't move at all and won't shred o-rings on the stupid over-pressure relief hole.
That is a good work around, but not the type of thing someone should have to do when there are supposed to be parts to actually fix the problem.
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whats really bogus is they post anno, hogged that port out and left a hanging spall chad in mine. I used JB Weld to close up the port on mine.
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I love this marker, but the CS is crap and the warranty is a joke when the "new" parts dont fix the old problems.
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Originally Posted by woouulf View Post
I agree CS is bad, but its still CS at this point and not just a walk away from the products...
It's time to walk away when no one responds to emails or phone calls, no?

I love the launchers, and I want to buy stuff off of them, see the issue? I want to GIVE them money, not take it.
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