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Layers and extra layers.
3 pairs of good wool socks.
'mag on hpa or my Montneel setup.
Campfire at the pit with ham/bacon and eggs/waffles with a boatload of syrup on the side.
Beer and/or rye.
Other crazy Canucks to join in.

We try and play at least once a month in the winter. If there's enough snow, we bust out the loader tractors and make bunkers/forts/you name it. Last year was cruddy for that. 2 years ago.......awesome
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Marker? Definitely a pump. Ironically the last time I played in the cold/snow, the ONLY thing I had that worked perfectly in sub-32 degree temps was a Tiberius 8.1, running on 12g's. But this year, if I can get some snow time in it'll likely be the Dux w/ constant air adapter, or the CCM S6.

Clothing wise, a full set of Under Armour cold gear. Thermals on top of that if it's really cold. Then I usually just don the usual stuff. DBD pants, random shirt, shemagh. Tends to keep me warm enough to get through the day.
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I kind of want to try and play one day when we hit -40F. Just to see how bad things can go.
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We don't get that cold here in BC. I basically wear the same stuff I wear in the summer, with the addition of waterproof Danner boots.
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Fan of EMR

The radio was to find the guy who hided himself somewhere(I was really nearby him by the end but went right past XD

And yes it was THAT DEEP
I hate winter game -.-

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I have some old video from years ago (Hi-8 tape, if that tells you anything ) from a day we played at -17F.

We were using Polar Ice, I had a 'Cocker on HPA (an early Nitro Duck FW71) another guy had a 'Mag on a similar system, another had an Auto-Trracer on CO2, the rest were a few Pro-Lites, an early Spyder or two, a MiniCocker, and so on, all on CO2.

We'd keep bottles in the cars, running them periodically to keep 'em somewhat warm, and the CO2 guys would swap tanks pretty much every game. Yes, one guy was running a 'Mag on vertical CO2.

Almost everyone's marker broke down or chopped at one point or another, but it was possible to play at those temps- and the Polar Ice (it was new that year) worked amazingly well. While it was only reasonably accurate, we were surprised to see it'd break reliably on down jackets, padded snow pants, and thick gloves.

Admittedly you could peel the "splatmark" off like a little pancake, but it broke.

The video's not much to look at, but I've still been meaning for years to switch it over to digital, maybe upload it to my YouTube account...

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I hate winter, soon we will have to endure that crap again.
Coldest Ive played is -20ish C, but that was too cold to enjoy. -5-10 is still fun.

You usually have to play so that all hits count, not just breaks, cause bounces are inevitable.

Pump is the way to go. Run it dry like with real steel, all oils and greases stiff up.
Avoid underboring a lot. I have a CP barrel with palmers wedgits which rocks in cold.

Gearwise, same stuff you would use skiing is fine. Long sports underwear, and regular pb clothers work for me. I move a lot and keep pretty warm that way.
On breaks I wear a long wintercoat and a thick beanie, its most important to keep warm on breaks. Lots of hot drinks and food is essential.

Im going to play in few hrs in what most of you would consider cold (+8C) and Im gonna use the same stuff I use always.
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Auto cocker and Under armor.

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For clothing I put thermal layers underneath the jersey and pb pants. My thermal layers are a mix of long johns, poly pro, and Under Armor. Depending on the weather I sometimes put on a long sleeve t-shirt between the thermal layer and the jersey.

For gear I use the same 98C I use the rest of the year. I also make sure my anti-fog measures are working. I can produce a lot of heat and my glasses and goggles can fog up in a hurry.
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Haven't played winter ball in a while but when I did, I didn't wear the usual paintball stuff. I wore some longjohns under my snowboard pants (not bulky and very warm) and a couple layers of polypro shirts and a light jacket. At the time, I was rockin' my SL and it did a pretty good job.

One big thing here that I can't stress enough - wear proper winter boots and not paintball or tactical boots. I was wearing my winter footwear and had to laugh at all the guys who had to keep it "real" and sliding around all over the place because they stuck to their jungle boots (no actual traction in those things) and other similar boots.

Andry : )

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