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Back to paintball.
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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
It takes you 5 days to fix a powertube o-ring? That's really the only thing that ever needs replacing.
And a bag full of those and whatever other o-rings you want are only $1 and a mouse-click away!
Originally Posted by elraido View Post
Why don't you order two AGD part kits and have them with you incase your gun goes down? Then you can replace the parts you need at the field (it isn't hard to rip them apart and replace everything). Plan ahead people. You KNOW you are going to need to replace things eventually, and if you only have a couple of guns you know Murphys Law is going to kick in at some point.
Automag: Not the best example. My point is, it's much more work to run things no one owns. Everything can be fixed, some just cost more resources ($$$ + Time). The guy just needs something that works 100% and go play, not be boggled down by equipment woes.
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Originally Posted by thumper View Post

<meta name="description" content="Paintball Forums dedicated to old and rare paintball guns, and for players that just love the game. Online paintball forums with movies and other paintball related topics. Home of the Carter's Commando Paintball Scenario Team. Now partnered with Paintball News for the latest updates in the Paintball Industry" />
funny, you see that its dedicated to old and rare(subjective to the user)paintball guns that are no longer relevant by the majority of companies in paintball.

all i see is a paintball forum.
Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
Watching the grass blow in the wind sometimes causes it to shift from red to green to red and keep repeating itself. Makes my acid using friends jealous

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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
And here are a few personal challenges for you.

the one bag challenge: 1 bag. preferably a book bag. All pb gear you own must fit in that one bag (including paint) and you are only allowed to open that bag at the field. That means everything in there better work. The smaller the bag, the better.

the 2 minute challenge: you must be able to open your bag, chrono, and be on the field in 2 minutes after you open your bag.

the vintage challenge: nothing in the bag can be from this millennium or use any form of batteries. (goggle lenses are allowable exception)
-I love this idea. And I almost pulled it off a couple of times this summer... assuming you don't count the folding table, folding camp chair, SCUBA tank and canopy.

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Originally Posted by ogti9g9 View Post
Im 16, so I haven't worked much with metals, woods, yes.
Originally Posted by ogti9g9
I can whole heartedly tell You I won't have to worry or even think about This relation ship ending.
.........I'm not going to rain on this parade so I'll just leave well enough alone.

For paintball, there's the 3-5 year cycle it seems. I've noticed friends who go full out for about 3 years and then they don't bother playing until 4 years later. Real life gets in the way sometimes.

I really like those challenges.
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Dont get too bogged down by guns n gear. Get a gun that works and then focus more on your gameplay. Build your up your skill and have fun shooting other ppl.
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37 markers in 4 years and played 6 times? My take on it is that you're making yourself dizzy in an effort to try to find your perfect marker. Don't worry so much about finding the perfect marker that makes you swoon. You'll need to play with one marker at least 6 times (and it needs to work all 6 times) before you judge how the marker works and what you like or don't like. Nothing wrong with not liking certain features of a marker but 37 markers is a bit much.

A lot of the guys are right. Grab one that works and go play. Go home, clean it and put it away and pull out the same marker when you play the next time. Just let the game come to you and enjoy your hobby. After a while, you'll find that you like or don't like a pump, an electro or some aspect of the marker and make small changes at a time. Start simple. Even if you don't play paintball for a year or two, keep one working marker and you can always pick it up and go play when the mood strikes. Good luck.

And definitely don't try to make women your hobby. They're more expensive than paintball.
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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
.........I'm not going to rain on this parade so I'll just leave well enough alone.
Long background story, She saved me form suicide...
Originally Posted by Riot View Post
Step 1: plant trees
Step 2: wait
No bunkers necessary, and your yard will look lovely!
Originally Posted by TehSpiff View Post
so i super durped and there was no oring on the top i dont know why i though there was lol

Now that i have said that on the internet it will never be forgotten X_X
Originally Posted by moonweasel View Post
48 weeks.
Hang your head in shame, you missed it. It was magnificent.
10 hail Chads and caress the nearest paintball gun in penitence.
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You've played 6 times in 4 years. And your guns to times at a field ratio is like 6:1. Get a gun play some paintball. If you like it great if not move on to something else. Don't waste your time collecting guns to tinker with, there are far cheaper things to collect and fiddle with. This is a sport to some and a game to others either way your not into it if your not playing, start playing and if you don't enjoy it, no big deal it just isn't the thing for you.
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I wanna know what guns you bought?
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First, let me say that I am not trying to judge, or knock you in any way. It's obvious that you like to tinker, so you need to evaluate that first. I have no desire to see the answers, but ask yourself a few questions.

1) Of the 37 you have had, how many worked when you got them?
2) How many worked when you got rid of them?

3) The sucess ratio of this is most affected by:

a) The quality of the project.
b) Lack of available parts for the project.
c) Lack of desire to finish the project.
d) Lack of experience with the project.

4) What did you have the most luck with?
5) What did you like playing with?

Since '98, coming from BE talons, through Stingrays, Pirahnas, Winchesters, Tippmanns, ICDs, Cockers, Egos, TMs, etc. I have had very few guns that were complete lemons (all JT spyder clones) if they are maintained properly (not constantly tinkered with)
The morals of my experiences:
Find something you like that works, you can maintain.
Play with it not tinker with it.
Do not covet thy neighbor's marker.
If you can pull this off, you will enjoy the sport alot more, and greatly reduce the turnover rate that leads to frustration.
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