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I recall an incident awhile back in which I was the guilty party.

My local woods field does banded and non-banded teams. I was on banded, pushing through some bushes and saw a guy shooting an old VM68 with no band on his hopper, so I fired a few off through the thick brush and ended up getting him with 2 on the back of his head. He turned and then I saw the band hanging from his feedneck down the opposite side of the gun. He was pretty pissed and I felt bad but I explained to him that if his band's not visible on the hopper then that's his fault.

Turns out it was his first time playing. Bet he won't do that again.
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Try taking the castle at emr.. This past fall was fun. I stopped going up top because I got shot out by friendlies so often. So next go into the walls, get shot out by friendlies in the other walls. Ok so lets go into the courtyard.. Open game for both teams it seems.. this past fall I was a few feet behind tugboater in the courtyard. He was by far three most aggressive attacker there, but I watched him get shot at by so many people on our team.. One time a guy runs into my bunker pops up and goes there is a defender right in front of you and aims at tug. I was like wtf he is friendly. If I remember correctly he was taken out by friendly fire that time anyway..
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My local field has a "rule" where you can wipe the hit off the teammate you shot and call yourself out, allowing them to continue playing. As long as someone leaves the field.
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I remember one day this summer, where it seemed like EVERY game I was getting shot out by my teammates. I think it was 5 or 6 games out of the 11 or 12 games that day....
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I played in a big 20 vs 20 rec ball game a little while back in a symmetrical fortress; without flags or tape mind you.. Half of our team managed to rush their spawn while the other half stayed back. Needless to say it was the most confusing game I have ever played. Their team was wiped out within minutes and we spent the rest of the game shooting at each other because we had no clue who was on what team.

In the end I was shot in the junk at point blank while trying to mercy my own teammate haha.

For the times that I am eliminated by friendly fire; I shake it off, inform my teammate that it was friendly fire, let them know it's no big deal and head to the safe area.

I might put together a collab of friendly fire situations one of these days... Could be interesting I suppose.
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I've beenn FF'd many times over the years I've FF'd a few players myself. It makes me glad the bullets aren't real.

This year I've played but 10 days, 3 of those I wasn't FF'd even once. The three days I wasn't eliminated by FF were at a field that isn't the cheapest in town by a longshot. The average player there is older and (based on conversation and observation) possessed of greater experience. I fear there is a strong correlation between these factors and restraint/judgement. I expect I'll be playing more at the expensive field next year.

I think most PUGs lack planning and communication. I expect this is the appeal of having a team. To reduce the instance of being teamshot forgo cammo for a distinctive color combo. Everyone will know it's you whether friend or foe.
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I have been shot at by my own team while wearing matching jerseys during a tournament on a small (roughly 100 X 80) speedball field. In fact my teammate almost bunkered me.

Other times my teammates and I used to play "everyman for themselves" during some tournaments. After eliminating the other team one of our back players would call out five seconds we would all take cover and when he yelled go we would shoot at each other.
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
I recall an incident awhile back in which I was the guilty party.
Oh I've been plenty guilty before...

My worst was when me and my bud Chef were tracking down and cornering the last player on the other team. We ran up and over a ridge into some trenches, with me coming up about 15 feet behind him. I got up over the ridge and instinctively put one into his back at point blank when he came into view. Oops.
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Playing rec ball a month or two ago, I committed the act. I was providing cover from a corner bunker as two teammates worked their way outside the main perimeter of bunkers. My hand somehow slipped, and wouldn't you know that the single errant ball smacks my buddy in the back of the dome with a nice 'thwack!' He reached back to check, and his head was amazingly clean. I felt like an idiot, but at least it somehow bounced and nobody had to go out.

Except... when he took off his mask in the dead zone after the game, we found that the cracked but mostly intact paintball shell had tucked itself neatly behind his ear, lodged up under the mask band with a blob of paint, so clean that with the mask on none of us could tell it had actually broken.

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