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What happens when you die?

This is not a theological or philosophical question. Don't make it such.

With every year we all get a bit older. The average age here on MCB isn't the mid-teens or 20's like that other site that shall remain unnamed.

My wife and I have a will, but my mountains of paintball gear isn't listed specifically in the will. I've talked to the executor of our will and explained who to call and what to do with it all if something should come to that......

I guess I was curious if you've thought about what happens to all your gear or your collection when the time comes. Particularly if you have a LARGE collection....does it come up for sale here? Does it get put up on e-bay? Do your kids get it?

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I would hope that everything I have would go to my kids. I just hope they keep it! lol
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I guess it depends on state or country laws, here if its not specified in a will then it go's to probate, while the state decides if you oue it any money, if you do is auctioned off to pay the ferry man, if not then members of the family put in "dibs" for it.........then its lawyer time.
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I'd hope when children become part of the mix, that most will go to them. If they don't like PB for some reason, well I'll threaten putting them up for adoption.

All kidding aside, I'd hope the ones I've hunted for years will be hand me downs, or find a good home.
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They could also be burried with you :P
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What happens when you die?
Glib answer:Your spouse will finally be able to get rid of all your crap at one fell swoop, by throwing it in the hole with you.

Realistic answer : Dealing with any piles of stuff will be no different than dealing with any other dead persons lifetime pile.
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With over 150 guns and associated tanks, loaders etc. I would assume I have about $10,000 if sold at super low price on ebay. I have spoken to wife, parents, relatives and explained if anything happens to me - get one of my trustworthy friends to come in and claim everything and distribute it to teammates/charities/what ever makes sense. I am sure it could be the backbone of an event like Wayne's world grand finale of the old days - where the drawings for prizes went on for 3 hours. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Im leaving it to my grand kids. The stuff in the Vault has instructions not to just dump and contains a few phone no.s of collectors that i trust if they feel the need to sell..

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Back to paintball.
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All wallhangers go with me since most of the electros will probably die from lack of parts/prohibitively expensive parts. Oh wait thats all my current guns, guess they're getting buried with me!
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When I left to the 'Stan, I left my stuff to my fiance. I figured that she would know what to do with it.
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