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What's your favorite style of game?

I have seen a few threads lately focused on a certain type of play and it got me thinking... What type of game play do most people like?
Personally, I like tight fields with a lot of man made cover. Think CQB style. we have a local field with a nice little tunnel system under a "town" and I think that's my favorite. I'm not a very good shot, so I like to get right on top of people, or surprise them with angle rather than have a shootout at a distance.
I also like a little good ol' woods ball. Mostly natural terrain. I know it's a lot different than what I just described, but I like a little sneeking around as well.
Finally, I have played some really fun pump games on Airball fields so I think pump airball is a solid third.
Those would be my top three in order as of now. Let's hear what you like.
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Honestly, capture the flag woodsball with a mech-semi or any kind of pump.
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Hyperball. My local field has a KICKASS hyperball field; it's huge and offers lots of angles.

That said, for me it's more about what kind of group I'm with than what kind of field we're one. I like any kind of game that is A) non-woods, B) large-ish teams, and C) rookies*.

*I play a lot, and consider myself a pretty good player, but I just find it more enjoyable to play with rookies and renters. I know a lot of people complain about little kids and want a challenging game, I don't play for the competition or challenge...I play because it's fun and laid back. So give me a chill group of renters over an a-hole group of "competitive" players any day. Little kids' birthday parties are the best. As long as you're capable of dialing it down a notch and not beat up on them just to stroke your own ego, they're some of the most fun outings I've found. Be nice to them and spend as much time and effort teaching and helping them have a good time (and, most importantly, just talking to them like people), and you get to have a fun game without a bunch of drama AND help a bunch of noobs develop a positive view of the sport so they come back again.

You might even get to tech the occasional Spyder that was lubed with KY that the kid found in his parents' drawer...which is always a fun story to retell later.
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I like fields that allow me to engage and disengage. Sometimes this means a big field but there are a lot of smaller fields it can be done on. I remember often enough playing front and deciding I wanted to be on the other side of the field. I would cross behind my back players and end up on the other side.

Frankly I am not that good. I need every angle, every advantage of surprise, and every other possible advantage I can get before "engaging" in a gunfight.
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The most fun I ever had was Outlaw on 2 or 3 acres with about 8 friends.
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We normally use about 20 acres for our larger course. That is a bit much at times...especially when you only have 25 people or so. We try and play a smaller field most of the time.....turns into about 10 acres. LOTS of up and downs. Like 20 foot valleys (imagine running down and up two flights of stairs to get to the other side....just long enough to shoot someone else out on the other side with a very well placed shot....and then running those steps again once you got the flag). Needless to say, it does add a very dynamic aspect to the game when there is high ground and low ground and each team as it at the same time.
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Really depends on the mood at the time but for a go to game for me:

Search and Destroy, woodsball large field, limited paint and at least a 5 to 1 ration searcher to hider.

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I like mixed groups that have first timers and experienced. If itīs all exp. players, games tend to get too serious, but itīs nice to have some challenge.
The first timers love when you ie. lead them to flank where they get to shoot the "pros"

I love urban fields, mainly cause thatīs where I usually shine. I most enjoy playing inside buildings and tight spaces.
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Recball on man-made courses. I prefer neither tourneyball nor woodsball, but that glorious entity comprised of both, where no single style of playing is dominant. All player types, all marker types, on the same field in blended, unsegregated harmony.

Sadly, that seems to be very rare around here.
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I like manmade rec fields, but with bushes as an option to duck through.

If you are being forced to shoot at each other from 60+ feet away without any viable way to move up or around, the field was designed badly in my opinion.
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