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I haven't had any trouble with being shot in the ear while wearing my i4s, but I do recall being shot directly in the center of my mask from 30 feet away and for some reason I lost my hearing for 10 seconds or so. My guess is that someone's marker was shooting a little hot that day...
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One of the many reasons why I did the I3 soft ear mod.
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i double soft eared my proflex. i took one old school and one new school soft ear on each ear. getting hit in the ear isnt really a problem anymore
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at the first Skirmish Big Game back in '92 I tried to throw a paint grenade back at some guys

the paint grenade being one of the Class C explosive M69's | - The Official Online Paintball Museum

just as I had my arm pulled back ready to throw it the damn thing exploded - mere inches from my ear

yeah, I experienced a bit of that 'SPR' feeling you described for awhile . . . and was washing paint out of that ear for a couple days . . . the Vents goggles did nothing for that blast
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I agree with Don.
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shot in the mouth before. soft jaw jt proteus. ball broke but shrapnel cut my lips up.

lips weren't a big deal, but i decided to stick to hard ears from that point forward.
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Originally Posted by NSGSplatmaster View Post
The weird thing is that the shot looked like a "glancing" shot. I was facing you, as opposed to shooting you from the side. There was some angle, but it wasn't like a perpendicular hit. Must be one of those weird paintball freak accidents. It was a good time either way, hope to play with you soon.
No worries, it is all part of the game. Maybe the almost glancing shot is what stopped it from hurting. Either way I think I'm going to look into something else to put over the soft ears.

I'm thinking it was probably a pressure thing that caused the temporary deafness/ringing.

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This will fix the problem. These are the ones I use on my flex's, suckers are thick as all get out. Never had a problem with ear shots.
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I run pro's with the soft ears removed (no ears at all). Sure I get hit time to time in the ear and it hurts. But you just be a man and walk it off. The benefit of hearing better is well worth the RARE pain.
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I got hit in the hard ears for the first time ever earlier this year, never happened before in the 15ish years I've been playing.

It didn't hurt thanks to the hard ear covers, but I thought I lost my hearing at first. Until I realized the paintball goo went through the slats of the ear cover and into my ear hole. It felt as gross as it sounds and I spent like 10 minutes cleaning my ear out.

I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if I had been hit in the ear hole without some sort of barrier between the ball and my ear.
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Sly Profits have pretty good "soft ears" with lots of padding (I put that in quotes because they're really not that soft). I've taken ear shots and while they do ring my bell for a few seconds, I haven't had any long-term adverse effects from them.

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