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visualreviews 11-08-2012 01:14 PM

At $140 you may think that this marker is a joke, dont judge a book by its cover. When i played with it i was getting head shots and hitting everything that was shooting at me. If your looking for a marker to get and have fun with, try the eNMEy. Best bang for your buck

idkfa 11-08-2012 01:27 PM


I can't wait. My pre-order is shipping soon.

Agglet 11-08-2012 01:29 PM

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georgeyew 11-08-2012 01:46 PM

I wouldn't mind a kit to convert my SP1 to a mech.

shredxcam 11-08-2012 08:18 PM

They are making a mech sp1

georgeyew 11-08-2012 08:24 PM

I know. But I don't want to spend $$ to buy a new one since I already have a SP1.

nerdcore 11-08-2012 08:31 PM

y0da & Deathwish developed a mech kit that should work for an sp1. Check out the Dealers section (under ion mech kits).

idkfa 11-08-2012 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by georgeyew (Post 2528682)
I know. But I don't want to spend $$ to buy a new one since I already have a SP1.

I thought the intent was for the eNMEy and G1M to be compatible with the electro-pneumatic frames from the eNVy and G1. The opposite would then be true. This should mean that the pneumatic frames from the G1M will fit your G1. Just wait until GOG releases them separately, or find someone to trade or buy from.

PistolRogue 11-10-2012 01:50 PM

The only catch with converting an older gun will be that you need the matching grip frame. While it might be a while until they're released separately, I'd be surprised if GOG didn't package them as an add-on kit for the electronic SP1/G1's. They packaged the new G1 multi-feed body that way so the mech kit would just make sense. Assuming they do, I'll probably be mech-ing my G1 as well.

Bloop 11-11-2012 03:54 PM

Hit around 3:01?? I'm thinking about picking one of these up, how accurate are they?

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