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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
Main setup, VSC Phantom with a 3.5oz tank
IIRC from my Phantom days, 25 tubes is about all you can expect to shoot between fills on a 3.5-oz. If you carry 58 tubes, you're just like the kiddies who go out with 18 pods on a tac-vest, shooting a 98C with a 12-oz CO2 tank.

At my last scenario game (shooting a PGP), I came up with the best solution: tacklebox full of paint in tubes left at the respawn point. That way, I could just carry 10 on the field with me each insertion, reload my belt when I came back to spawn, and not have to keep leaving the field to reload the same tubes. Come back, swap empty tubes for full ones, and get back to it.
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I think if I really wanted to I could set myself up to walk onto the field with 46 tubes and 18 12g... But why?

Even if I am playing a scenario with my S6 I still only carry 36 tubes and no 12gs. And even then that's over kill. I can easily get away with 18.
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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
i will be playing a scenario game this weekend (Cousins Dark Ops) and its my first scenario game and was planning on bringing the following guns: Main setup, VSC Phantom with a 3.5oz tank, Backup Setup: CCM S6 with 68/45 maybe a pocket hopper or my sport shot hopper. Lastly, My Bob Long G6R if all else fails which is my last resort. I rather save money and shoot less and still have a blast
Bring enough tubes to do whatever you want but get the feel for running around with different amounts and see what is and isn't comfortable before the game.

Also, if you find that a full 58 tubes is doable, start thinking of a larger dump pouch. Small messenger bag, small backpack with the top zipped slightly open, something along those lines. If you could guarantee for sure you would have time to replace every empty into the harness, that would be one thing, but really, we all know that's not realistic.

from personal experience YEARS ago at a big game, a full shotgun belt (25 tubes/250 rnds) and 2 ronin wrist bits for 12gs could keep me on the field until it felt like it was time for a break.

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