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I call myself out if I am hit. Regardless of paint breaking. If they were good enough to actually hit me, then they won that round.

I'll be back, and do better next time.

Besides, we are playing tag in the woods. If people are going to get mad, it ruins the fun.
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Short story time: I have found myself on teams that I was no where good enough to be on. If you could do anything to gain an advantage you did it. So did almost everyone else. It was frustrating.

Now I play witb the intent to have fun. If I lose or do not do my share no one cares mostly starting with me. I worry about my conduct and not anyone elses. Its a lot more fun
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When scenario ball got big around 05/06 you started to see this type or gray area BS, while it's not cheating it's not an honorable way to play. The Ref he's out of bounds trick to get a guy to stop shooting when he's holding a tape line so they can move up trick. I've seen that done and had it done to me. Well I did not stop firing I was in and knew it and I knew the team that was trying to call me out of bounds. Also calling for a paint check on a player they know is in is an old trick. Dead man walks is cheating to me. Lets face it if a man where on a real battle field walking out in the open you'd shoot him. Dead men can't walk. So if you take advantage over someone not shooting you because of good sportsmanship you should get lit up! As far as armband tape in a scenario wearing the opposing teams color is cheating. But lets say one sides red and the other side is blue and you walk around with a black arm band thats a gray area that in a scenario is acceptable. Due to the fact that if the other guy is not wearing your color you shoot him! Unless there is a third faction on the field and that color is on your side at the given time during the game. I would rather be shot out rather than lower myself to a wiper. But I agree when you know you shot someone out 100 percent and they later get you I would tell a Ref and stay in if he agreed! Feyd..........
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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
When scenario ball got big around 05/06 you started to see this type or gray area BS, while it's not cheating it's not an honorable way to play. The Ref he's out of bounds trick to get a guy to stop shooting when he's holding a tape line so they can move up trick. I've seen that done and had it done to me.
I've seen refs who will make players who advance on neutral opponents walk back to their positions, or even call them out.

There seems to be a very different philosophy to reffing that came out of fast-paced tournament speedball- the idea that the game never stops and the ref simply checks as best he can without actually impeding the game. The older philosophy I learned was that when the ref is summoned, it's more like a ref call in football, where play effectively stops in that corner of the field until the issue is resolved. Obviously, you want this to be done as quickly as possible, because you can't stop play on the entire field, but my point is that expectations of ref behavior are very different in these two schools of thought. What looks like ref abuse may simply be a misunderstanding of which style the ref is using, and vice versa.
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anyone who plays speedball more than once a year knows not to expose themselves from their bunker during a paint check... you're playing against noobs, you should be able to beat them with your pump marker alone, without any underhanded BS.
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for the original concept

got about halfway through the posts and couldnt bring myself to go further lol

The problem I see with the original concept is

it IS cool to ask for a paintcheck if you think you hit the guy - then if he makes the mistake of opening up that is his problem and per your field rules you can shoot at him

it IS NOT cool (in my opinion anyhow) to simply call the paintcheck for no reason other than to see if the player is innocent enough to open up for the ref so you can get an advantageous shot that you would not otherwise have had

now opinions are what they are - and here is the catch

Right and Wrong

it is also my opinion that the 2nd scenario is just plain wrong - and for my part I will NOT do it even if the other guy is cheating - if he is cheating and I think I hit him that falls under the FIRST scenario que sera - but just calling a random one to get an advantage - not kosher.

that having been said it is further my opinion that its not about how good, experienced, or great we each think others are - its simply about what is right and what is wrong - because adding more wrongs just hurts the sport.

/soapbox off
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Originally Posted by Kanas View Post
When its full of wipers, and I can't over shoot em, OF COURSE I am going to do something.
Originally Posted by Kanas View Post
More then half the people here think there is a way out of a situation when you are being gunned down by an electro with unlimited supply of paint and only you to shoot at....
Yup. There is a way out. I am going to do something. Vote with my feet.

There are way too many fun things to do in this world to waste time playing bad paintball. Or alternatively, there is way too much good paintball being played. It's worth finding.

Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft
There is no way you could safely control 4 seperate guns remotely. Some players (ie Lasoya) can not control a single gun, while holding it, safely.
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Yup. There is a way out. I am going to do something. Vote with my feet.
Great point! This is why I left scenario ball to play with the group of pumpers I play with/against now. Again I was expounding on some of the posts and adding my point to what I have seen not what I have done. You get none of that BS in a pump game around here. Thats where I'm at anyway! Feyd...........
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everyone needs to calm down... if anything, I see this as a way to teach speedballers the rule to continue playing and not to open up. It would be a great thing to do in a team practice or something, and hell, they will hate you for it, but they just may thank you down the road when they have learned the rule.

Calling for an unnecessary paint check is wrong, but later in life he will get a check called on him that has some integrity, and he will know to keep playing and not open up.

my .02
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Originally Posted by shadawg View Post
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I'm not down with this. Although I see where you're coming from. It's still just as cheap as wiping.
I'm always trying to be as honest of a player as I can be. If I feel a ball hit me and I can't see it, I call over the ref or a player to check me. One time I did get hit while being ref checked and yes I got out. I'll be back next round and you won't be as lucky.
And as far as calling wipers out in a game... I've done this too. Once I hit a guy 5 times and he wiped every break every time. I walked up to him and said Wtf dude I hit you so many times. You gotta get out. He told me it's just a game and to relax. It's not a game if you're not playing it right.
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