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Originally Posted by James_Blond View Post
Maybe not huge difference, but I've invested in my own gear and like using it.

now if someone where to put a 3man on like this and the entry was inexpensive then I might just use it as an excuse to get an ICD cat or a montneel z type. Likely hood of this happening in my area is pretty much nil I would think.
You know you bring up a good point. If the OP tries it to see what happens he has to be aware of things like this. If there was a "blow-back only" tournament in my area I might be slightly interested but likely would not go out and buy something to play in it at first. However if they were running it once a month and getting people to play and it fit the spirit of how I wanted to play I would definetly buy the equipment to play. I just would not for a "one-of" tournament.
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I think there is enough room for some horse-trading. "All-Mech" vs "Blow-Back". "Unlimited Paint" vs "Limited Paint" vs "Hopper-ball".

I would be "okay" with Blow-back with agitator hopper.
I would be "okay" with Mech-only, no agitator.
I would be "okay" with Limited paint.

To me, the most interesting way to play would be: Blow-back, mech-only, non-agitator hoppers, gravity feed only, hopper-ball.

People are going to "upgrade" their gun - that's just the nature of the beast. And they can do basically whatever they want, so long as the don't add e-grips, agitator hoppers, regulators, etc...

I guess the time has come to begin negotiations with the various fields in the area. Should be... challenging...
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Blowbacks suck.

They’re not worth wasting any amount of money on to fit into these rules. If it came down to buying a $5 blowback to fit into these rules, I’d just as soon go buy $5 worth of paint, put it in my (spring fed) Automag and go play with the electros.

Pumps I can understand.

But blowbacks? No. Total waste of money. I mean, it's one thing to encourage a game style -- it's another to encourage them to flat out waste their money.
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Your well-reasoned and informed insight into this matter is greatly appreciated, and has been duly noted.

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Best part about blowback only, the players it keeps away.
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I wouldn't necessarily discount his opinion right away. I do agree, at least in spirit, that people may not want to invest in a new setup when they may have a marker that effectively meets the intent of the rules. I still don't understand why other mechanical guns are not allowed. One could, in theory, tune a blowback to be just as snappy to fire as a Blazer, or a Mag. Blowbacks cycle extremely fast, most people just don't bother to spend the time to make them scream.

I get where you are coming from, but it does raise the question as to why. I understand that blowbacks are a good "lowest common denominator", but there may be other ways (such as hopper, frame, and paint limitations) to achieve it without barring people that meet the spirit of the rule set from playing.
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Having re-read the entire thread, I have found a few mis-conceptions.

This is not a rental tourney. Players would be permitted to use their own equipment - so long as it meets the basic criteria.

Why Blow-back? That is a fair question, and one which I have already answered a few different ways. The line had to be drawn somewhere, so it was drawn at BB. Re-read the thread. The answers are there, and not just by me (and not always completely spelled out). I'm not being a jerk, I'm just sayin'.

One addendum to all of that - it's not likely, but there is precedent on this thread. Players could compete with rental equipment (at most fields) and still be on a fairly even footing with the guys who brought their own gear.

Also, I remember playing at an indoor field in Grand Rapids, MI. Most of us were using basic blow-backs, but a few guys (three, I think) had Palmer Typhoons. No one had "agitator loaders" (or even power feeds!), and the Typhoon-users had clear advantages. We could all easily see how well they shot, the higher cyclic rate, the accuracy, quietness, and how much easier it was to clean a break.

Remember, pumps were once considered "junk" by most players - now we have pump tourneys.
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Would spring feeds be acceptable at these events? I would assume feed tubes and cram and jams don't go against them, since they're also gravity fed.

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I'd say no to spring feeds. reason being is it eliminates an issue that if you have gravity loaders everyone will have to deal with and that is rate of feeding. realistically if I wanted to I could shoot off my entire 15rd springfeed in 2 seconds flat granted I have to reload but the chances of a misfeed when you've got essentially a small FF system going are slim to none.

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
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Good point. Like a PT Extreme or TiPX? That would be cool! But I would not allow it (at this point). Falcon 16 pretty much hit that nail on the head.

But a PISTOL SERIES... That would be too much fun. I mean hat would be insane (in the cool way)!
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