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Why so much love for old markers?

I couldn't fit an appropriate title in the title box for this thread, but here you go. Basically, I am amazed at times, the love for older markers here at MCB. Look, there is nothing wrong with it in my opinion, but, I am constantly amazed that older markers that perform on a mediocre level by todays standards are still so sought after and some still demand such a high price. Maybe I should put on my fire suit, but Really... I understand the nostalgia involved, believe me. I have been there, but I have also moved on. Maybe you still don't understand what I mean. I am referring to markers intended to play with (I understand some are looking for nostalgic wall hangers). Example 1: Line SI Bushmasters, great markers in there day, I mean really great, but IMHO A Phantom will clean house on one today and yet they still seem to draw a similar price point. Example 2 Tippmann SMG 68's. Really, by the time they were released, they were out dated. Mag fed was so limited compared to the other semi auto's available, or just being released. Even today these beasts can draw $700-800 dollars. I bought one brand new when they were released and it was horrible, even when I changed the sear to make it full auto, it was still a horrible marker. Very inaccurate and a pain to deal with all those stripper clips at the same time, yet they still pull a high price point. Ex 3 would be a factory KP, but I have noticed the love for those dying off some in the last few years, so it's probably a mute point. Let's move on to the PGP. they still seem to be able to pull retail price, but I can't imagine a factory PGP even being feasible with todays small bore paint. Don't even get me started on Cockers, while still great markers today, they are way over complicated and mechanically barbaric as well as weighty compared to some of the offerings today, yet they have a strong following so what's up guys, am I crazy, or is the world?
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More expensive because they are rare.

I'm sure someone could make a more apt analogy related to people buying older, inefficient, technological inferior automobiles and then restoring them.
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Because backblocks are pimp!

I mostly agree with you, though. The one that I just can't understand, after having one briefly, is the L7 Classic 'Mag. I just don't see where it's worth it.
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Originally Posted by RatFink View Post
I am constantly amazed that older markers that perform on a mediocre level by todays standards are still so sought after and some still demand such a high price.
Perhaps leet performance is less important to a group of people that largely play just for the fun of it?
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There is a Line SI Bushmaster in the bst that is much cheaper than any phantom, but hasn't sold yet and has been up for a few weeks I think. I think the market has come down on them in the last year or so.

Tipp. 68 maybe rarity of a working one? Nostalgia and some people just giggle like little girls at the huge recoil and mech full auto. Is it a good gun? no, is it cool and fun oh yes. I'd love to shoot one for a game or two sometime.

cockers: two words "back block" The moving backblock is just plain cool. Even the kiddos with their eguns at the field think so. That cool sound of a cocker firing and the huge amount of customization available I think contribute to people still liking them. Plus the heavy platform is a steady one. Plus throw in a heavy dose of nostalgia. But I didn't pay a ton for mine. But it sure is fun to play with.
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A lot of the old, rare guns have some valuable history in them, that is reason enough to be valuable. Just like cars, rare, older stuff is desirable and it's easy to appreciate the way stuff used to be built, even if the performance is lower... the quality can be much higher
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I think part of the love comes from the fact that the older markers seem to be a lot higher quality than most of the new stuff. ie an old brass sheridan is built to last and for the price is a better marker than most $100 markers out there. A factory PGP might not be feasible with todays paint but throw in wedgits from palmers an RVA and a valve tune and you've got yourself a competitive marker for very little money. Not to mention playing with older markers is just plain fun. I find the newer markers also encourage relying on firepower and modes rather than skill to play the game and I'm sorry but putting a high firepower marker in the hands of basically a child is a recipe for douchebaggery central. If I had my way and thankfully I will with my own son kids would start off with stock class pumps in the woods. Learn about conserving paint and air and rely on skills and stealth and brains to win. After they have mastered that I'd move them up to OC pump where you can lay paint if needed to get out of a jam but still emphasize skill and then lastly after that finally let them play semi and I've found that introducing kids that way (and i have introduced a few using this method) makes for kids that are amazing at the game with great skills but amazing trigger control and also a great attitude.

a bit off topic but I think you can see that old school markers have a great place in the game even the modern game and I hope they stay around for years to come

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nostalgia is one reason . . . besides, to use one of your examples, anyone can order themselves up a new phantom but guess what? Line SI hasn't existed in some time and regardless of actual performance that makes those Bushmasters - which in their day were top flight - desirable to some people. Its like cars . . . sure, you can get yourself a brand new mustang and have a nice pony car . . . or you can get an old Plymouth Duster. With the Duster you have the negatives of the tech being maybe or greatly outdated, parts scarcity, etc. - but you also have the cachet of a now uncommon vehicle from a defunct brand, carrying with it an interesting history and a perspective on times past and the progress of the hobby

just my $0.02 . . . as for me, I play with a lot of old paintguns because, well, I bought them new and just hung onto them. heh, the last time I played I spent most of the day using a old Carter Comp (yep, rollouts were not uncommon for me) and a VM68, and I had a fantastic time. Would a modern new gee whiz has all the bangles and bobbles CCM pump and some manner of modern semi been better? some might argue that - but in regards to my enjoyment level I really had a ton of fun with my old paintguns

*edited* I was thinking of my old Dart while wanting to cite the Duster, because of how it fit the comparison I was trying to make - and in my haste jumbled my brands slightly. DOH
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I agree with Don.
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OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.

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this is going to be at least the 3rd time I've said this. I have never had a paint to bore match problem with my pgp. Even with today's paint. I bought some acceptable mid range stuff to test out the recent purchases and it fits fine. I play with a pgp because it fits my style, and don't personally mind paying $50-$70 for a nice one. If paint size ever became critically small everywhere, I like this marker enough I would roll pennies to have it modified with a removable insert barrel.

Edit: that's kind of also why i own two. in case i ever have to modify one like that ill still have an og example.

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There's no real logical reason to buy a classic car either. You could drive around just fine in a modern super-efficient car. It's about having love and respect for the classics with a bit of nostalgia mixed in.

I have a solid mix of new and old gear. I still love autocockers and while I don't often shoot a mech version on the field, it always makes me smile when I hear one clicking away on the field.

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