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What new (low) prices surprise you the most?

When you look at the price of paintball gear and consider what it is what surprises you the most? To me its the price of high pressure air tanks. I can buy good ones all day for less than $200 brand new. When air tanks first came out they were going to be the "unaffordable" piece of equipment that seperated all but the most dedicated of players from the rest of us.

Granted the field systems to run HPA are still not cheap but the price of the equipment on the player side is really surprising when I think about it.
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eh, I wouldn't call the pricing of air tanks surprising, we knew they would come down in price considerably as volume went up... the materials and construction aren't inherently expensive, and pressure vessel manufacturers are no doubt busier than ever making similar and more advanced (higher pressure) designs. Hell if higher pressure compressor boosters were affordable, we could be using even higher pressure cylinders

to me, the biggest surprises price wise, is that Dye and Eclipse are still able to sell their top guns for the current pricetags... when Empire and others are delivering similar levels of performance for half the price. Meanwhile, you've got really surprisingly affordable offerings coming out from Kingman to spearhead the growing popularity of mag-fed play, and other mag-fed manufacturers no doubt aiming to get into that price bracket as well... It's certainly the sweet spot in the industry now.

Also surprising: that Tippmann has not delivered a mag fed option of their own... they must be asleep at the wheel. I suppose they should focus on improving the materials and construction of their existing product line first though, I keep hearing increasing reports of material failure from their latest hardware... not a good sign, from a manufacturer who's best reputation is/was their reliable construction.

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The price of the new Gog eNMEy and G-1M. An entry level priced spool valve, albeit mechanical. In the same price bracket as Tippmanns and Spyders, you get an arguably more refined and regulated valve system. The regulator alone is probably almost half the cost of the gun.
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For everything it does, the new Hammer 7 pumps. I mean for $130 you have a gun that you can rock normal paint or FSR with.
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Hammer 7 - I was expecting to pay a LOT more - and was prepared to...can't wait for this gun!!
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My Local Shops paint prices, Couple years ago I paid $75 for a case , now its $40-$50
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Also surprising: that Tippmann has not delivered a mag fed option of their own... they must be asleep at the wheel..
This, I seriously doubt. Tippmann led the industry in 1986 with the first semi-auto, full-auto, select-fire, screw-in bulk air system, propane powered (despite its failure) and magazine feed.
Sure, their rep and quality has taken a hit since their absorption into a company run by bankers and bean-counting college-boys rather than machinists and engineers.
The Crossover and the Phenom show that they aren't stuck on the Crosman-valve semi-auto hybrid. The TiPX shows that they can take on Tiberius and come out with a better magazine system, for less money. I think that due to the influence of the bean-counting-college-boys they take a much slower approach to invention and innovation now than they have in the past. The bean-counting-college-boy want to see a return on their investment.
I'm certain that they don't want another C-3.
Wait and see I guess.
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Autococker prices.

Put over a grand into mine... some people put more in with anodizing and milling.

Now you can get them sub 200 dollars!

Good for me... i'll buy a second for spare parts
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the prices of air tanks floor me to this day. I remember back around 02-03 when I started playing a basic steelie was $100 and CF tanks were 3.5x that. I just bought last may a 50/45 and paid $169 which not even a decade ago was unheard of. Also the price of high quality force feed loaders I mean for crying out loud I can run a Halo Too for under $80 or the newest greatest tech like the rotor is still not that expensive at $200 out the door.

Not to mention just in general prices to play in terms of paint price at least here have dropped and dropped hard. When I can go and buy a case of paint for $60 and that includes entry to speedball on saturday and with playing pump that'll last me like an entire summer I just come back bring a bag drop my $10 and sling paint all day. I remember back when I started that same case would have been at least 1.5-2x as much money and BYOP? that was unheard of you went and paid your $120-160 a case and you were happy about it.

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I would say the resale on used equipment. a few years ago KP's were going for big bucks, now, they don't command such a high price, High quality electronic markers are dirt cheap now. I am always amazed to see some really good stuff go for penny's on the dollar. Recently, I saw an 04' Viking go fro less than $200. That was amazing.
As far as new product, I don't really see any value. it seems top be getting cheaper and costing more every year.
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