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back about 13 years ago it was "Shoebox" Shocker 4x4 which was a beast in its i have had a AKA Viking for about 8 years now....oh! i have SquidVisions Procarb now, lolololol.....thegrayghost
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Old Shoebox... Mine would work amazing right after I would get her fixed, then the second outing she would break. This happened 5 different times before I just gave up on her and traded her to a buddy. He never had a problem out of her...
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brand spanking new dm7 cobalt to black fade, i regreted selling it so much that i bought a blue dm7 middle of this year

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Bob Long Gen 1 Timmy, got the gun, an ACI Bulldog tank, Scuba tank and fill station all for 800 in 02. Compared to todays electros that thing was a tank.
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PTP Micromag brand new,my 1st gun ever,only gun I used untill 2002 then gave it to my teammate,still kinda miss it
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I've never had anything that was high-end at the time I had it. I went through an Ion phase about 6 years after they were considered high-end (to some extent), and now I just picked up an 04 BKO...9 years after it was decently high-end.
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I bought an Angel AD2000 last year, I guess it's still high end. It's purple, it MUST be!
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A retro-valved automag, unless you you consider a Nova 700 a high end. Got both within the first few hundred of each produced. Never could get used to the trigger on the Nova, and sold it and stuck with the RT.
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Brand new Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe
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Originally Posted by Christacular View Post
First 'High end' was a MacDev Droid. I regret getting rid of that gun. I think about it every day
I think its so sad that this is the number one comment about that gun. The droid is one of the best shooters ever made.
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