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First high end was a Automag rt I got in 2000.
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First high end was a carte comp in 1987, I remember opening the box in my parents living room watching he 1987 world series, I was awestruck by it. My first kill with it the next day was bad, I was hiding behind a rock wall, guy stepped over it and I shot up, face shot from 4 feet away before chronys. The guys face was bleeding, I felt so bad. He probly never played again which kinda sux
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Pvi shocker. It was really pretty decent all things considered. Not exactly all that apg had billed it as, but it did run surprisingly well on co2. Real gas hog...Very quite. It touched off an arms race and my friends all started upgrading. If only we'd left well enough alone. Eventually I got jealous of the autocockers, so I traded in for an auto response mag...go figure. Then emag...and it got messy from there.
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Mine was a 2000 powerfeed Shocker. One of the guns I will never sell, I think it cost me somewhere around 800 bucks new. Before that I had a nice Spyder compact.

Upgraded the gun with a vert feed, vert grip and a Glacier AT board. I still have it kicking around, and need to get it up and going again. Fun gun to shoot.

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My first high-end was a Phantom, which was the first paintball gun I bought with my own money (had a 98c before it).

Nothing can get better than a good ol' Phantom.
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I've never owned a 'high-end' gun during the time it was considered new and current. I've got old 'high-end' guns.

In the past I wisely preferred buying a mid-price gun, then dumping 2x or more it's value in aftermarket parts, and eventually selling it for a huge loss because it didn't perform like the high-end I could have just saved up for in the first place... Oh well.
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First high end pump was a phantom, or if that doesn't count to you then S6.

First electro was an egomag, again if you don't think high end I had an SL74 after that.
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2005 Ego, 2004 Angel Speed, before that it was a z-gripped mag (still have) and before that it was a Spyder Shutter (bought new around 01, still have in the box).
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