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Thanks for the reply Jaccen. Nice tip on the delivery. I will add that in.

I had a feeling I was trying to sell at the wrong time, should have sold over the summer, but it wasn't until recently I decided I wanted a tablet more than I enjoyed having 2 boxes full of unused paintball stuff. I may just hold off until the spring then. Personally I used to play the most paintball in autumn and some during the winter, I always found summer too hot to play!

And thanks for the offer of playing with you guys, if it was a couple of years ago I would have taken you up on it!

I wish kijiji let me put more than 8 pics, or let me link some. I have pics of the clothing, but ran out of space!
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I'll add my Feedback here, because I always forget to ask.
My super awesome feedback of... awesomeness!
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Originally Posted by Ivan View Post
Seems to work on here! Problem is that my wife won't undress for paintball

Thanks for the offer Dukie, I assume you mean Sifton Bog? That's a really neat place, it's different when ever you go. I'd like to help you out with the reg, but I'd rather just sell it than trade. I'm trying to get rid of the last of my equipment.

Thanks all for the advice! I will continue dropping prices until it sells.

Do you think selling after Xmas might be a little easier?
I wasnt so much as offering to trade the reg as trying to add incentive. its tougher to sell a tank without a reg. i have one you can replace it with if you were willing to sell me the reg seperately. its currently sitting on an expired stealy that i have no use for.

Yeah i meant sifton bog. that place is very cool. The kids love it
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Basic rules of selling.

Post your well thought out ad with prices.
If nothing sells lower prices.
Keep lowering until it sells or you aren't willing to go that low.
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