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Ebay, camocow200
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Just found this on another site.

TechPB vs. PBNation vs. Mcarterbrown - TechPB Forum

Ebay, camocow200 (1200) + 100% positive feedback
darr_musi (70) + 100% Positive Feedback
MCB 290 pos feedback

"Mar" bro: welcome to the forum, super nice marker - hopeful for your sale.
"stargazer" It's ma'am actually, not bro.
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Of course TechPB is gonna win, because you posted it on TechPB. If you post it on one of the websites in the poll, that website is gonna win.
pretty much.
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Mad Science of Paintball
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Who, exactly, is "Mike", and how did he supposedly "save" paintball?

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My feedback Thread
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Featuring Death
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Well, just by reading that thread I now have another site I won't be visiting.
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pump snob
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May 2009 thread.. Only 25 votes but the results appear conclusive. Sorry Carter. We are going to miss you.
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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
Who, exactly, is "Mike", and how did he supposedly "save" paintball?

Here's some info about him (click).

Oh, and he saved paintball by suggesting that we charge MORE money to newer players to prevent sandbagging at tournaments. Because for those with absolutely NO sponsorships playing D4/5, it's not already expensive enough.
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Surely that is not the same gentleman who goes by the handle "Mike-TechPB" or something like that on MCB. The guy with all the tech reviews on YouTube? If there's gay porn in there, I ain't seen it.

That said, I don't know of anything he did to 'save' paintball. I don't think any single person ever saved the sport, except maybe Bob Gurnsey for not giving up on NSG in the early days.
Originally Posted by Slim View Post
Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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Oh god, can we just leave this alone? This is old news, everyone is mostly civil now, and Mike is a contributing member of MCB. Lock this crap.
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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Oh god, can we just leave this alone? This is old news, everyone is mostly civil now, and Mike is a contributing member of MCB. Lock this crap.

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