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Whenever I go to a new field where I'm not sure of the types of players there I bring 4 guns in my bag. An electro, a mech semi, an open clas pump, and a stock class pump. Depending on the level of competition I equip accordingly. It really makes no difference to me what gun I walk on to the field with as long as I can sling some paint, have fun, and not ruin anyone elses day.
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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
Keebler: I'm still re-reading this trying to see what you said to set NSGSplatmaster off.

What you recommended in your post would actually be a lot of fun. No equipment worries at all, just go out and play some paintball. Of course players tend to be in love with their equipment and refuse to use anything else, and would refuse to play. I would do it though.

Perhaps an offshoot - when field owners/refs see a guy with top-end equipment walking onto the field with some newbies/walk-ons, he hands the guy a VL-200 and says "use it, or sit this one out". Again, unfortunately, many would simply find another field, and the owner would be out some money.

It's difficult. The best we can really do is lead by example, play well, play fair, and be a good sport, and help out other players (even the guys on the other team). Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) gets a paintball-"snob" angrier than 1) getting eliminated by a guy with a "crappy gun" and the 2) the guy with the crappy gun finds him after the game and says "Nice game". Well maybe "Gun not workin? I have some tools you can borrow, even a butane soldering iron. Help yourself, Bro." (this AFTER he lit me up - and it was NOT what I wanted to say, but the effect was positive).
Yeah this whole thing really is complicated to muddle through. To my knowledge even many mainstream sports have the same issues to one degree or another. I mean we should probably count our blessings that the company exploiting in tourney ball is usually tech related when it could just as easily be performance enhancing drugs. If we find a way to regulate the equipment to where no one can exploit their tech. People being people will always seek an advantage and that could be at the hands of drugs.
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When I first saw "Professional" paintball I thought "Well, that's about the fastest way to ruin a good sport. I can actually remember when paintball tournaments were basically for bragging rights, and the money went to a charity - but then I also remember hippies and Nixon...
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Originally Posted by ironnerd88 View Post
but then I also remember hippies and Nixon...
Let me just clarify for those who are too young...Nixon was NOT a hippie.
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Keebler, thanks for the post, I was responding to the content of the posts and not "at you". Also, in retrospect the distance was a lot farther than 50 feet; it was about 45 - 50 yards. I don't know how I goofed that one up, woops. Wind and sun is an irritating challenge to deal with. I recently got hosed at a tournament because my schedule wise, I was always looking into terrible, blinding sun; the type that visors and shaded lenses and holding your hand up into your face can't fix. It sucks.

Iron - What sets me off is that I and a decent amount of people I know have gone to considerable lengths to support and promote different styles of paintball. There is so much attempt at insisting that "Game X' is better than "Game Y" that it's hurting EVERYTHING. I'm also experiencing the same problem in competitive pistol shooting. As some people here know, I really did not play a lot of paintball this year compared to what I used to play (I played a little recball and about 13 tournaments). I primarily shoot a revolver. The revolver division tends to be a niche division with a relatively small amount of people that participate. Some of them are more "social" shooters who insist that the comradery among other revolver shooters is what really drives them to participate. They always sit around talking about how to get more participation for the revolver divisions and it turns into cyclical and pointless proposals and arguments. At the end of the day, people don't shoot revolvers because they're seen as antiquated and because shooting revolver is DIFFICULT, especially in certain formats where all guns are mashed into the same division. Shooting 6 bullets and having to reload 6 individual bullets into 6 individual holes is harder than shooting 10+ and stuffing in a magazine. Some shooters have proposed to FURTHER compartmentalize the divisions and make new, more specific gear subsets. Others think the format needs to change to allow other guns in but cap the magazine capacities at 6 bullets to give people a 'taste' of shooting revolver. None of these proposals ever seem to amount to much. Doesn't this sound familiar?...

Either way, I don't get it. The arms war is over. PSP and NPPL have capped BPS limits. You can get ENTIRE gear setups that are capable of this rate of fire and of reasonable performance for as low as 300 dollars. For the people that want to hold onto fake magazines and put rails on everything, there is more support than ever before for these products among both electronic and mechanical platforms. We have more DIVISIONS than ever before, going down to Division 5 (and when counting the Young Guns division in CFOA, Division 6). The only PROBLEM that is left right now isn't the industry, it's the players. They're whiny. They either want more prizes and cheaper paint or they only want to play with people they think will play "their" style of paintball. The net result is the same; we don't play the tournaments we want or we get bored, and we log onto here and bitch about it.
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Well, there is no better or worse paintball. Paintball is like sex, it's never bad, even when it's no fun. It is, however, the WHINE FACTOR that would lead me to a "Standard Platform" style of play. IF everyone is using Tippmann 98's it's hard to complain "Those guys had better guns! No fair!". Also, if someone said to me - "Nerd, we're doin' Nelson-Pump only! You in?" I would be in. WHY? Not because it is "better", but because it's a little different, and a little variety once in a while is a good thing (see the comment above about paintball and sex).

That's the only real reason to do exclusionary games - it's a little different and shakes you out of your ruts a little (or to teach new guys how to actually play! Sitting behind a bunker until you get shot is not "playing paintball", kiddies...).

BUT... ALL paintball is now Exclusionary. No full-auto. PSP and NPPL have BPS caps. There are Stock events - and STOCK is nothing but exclusions.

So there ya go.
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