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A local field to me still has, and occasionally use's there for pump night's. We play by firelight. A stack of pallet's lit on fire. It's primal, it's fun, and it suck's if you gotta look through that fire lol.
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I've played a few night games and honestly I never really enjoyed them either. However, I wouldn't mind getting ahold of those Paintballs and trying them out.
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We had some of the glow balls and tracer units at my bachelor party last year. The one point every one seems to miss with these is the use of the old glow paint. Crap man!, those things hurt! Everyone who played would yelp when hit and noticed the paint hardness was somewhere inbetween monster balls and rocks..
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Hey it was all good. Now the next day was a different story lol.
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I remember the old Ricochet loaders with glow pack. The players I rolled with all had the same opinion, why give away your position unless on the shooting range.
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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
My local field briefly did some interesting UV-lit games, essentially cosmic bowling... but with paintball.
I assume the same paint would be Tracerball compatible.

Cosmic Paintball

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Yeah those would be what I was talking about, now that I think about it didn't you have one or two of those?
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I can't help but think of that old saying that 'tracers work both ways.' These are no good to the shooter unless you can see both your target and the rounds, which at night, you can't. All these do is shine a line right back to the guy shooting 'em.

They've got a little bit of the cool factor, though.


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I have one in a box somewhere.
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I have found that nothing beats the actual tracer ball charging unit for putting the light in the ball.

at a private game in the MOUT at Fort Bragg I was able to pop a round into a few windows and hit the walls behind, the glow was only faint enough to make out but didn't tip off players coming into the room.

then when a window went black i shot out the player in the window, never had to give up me hiding spot
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Originally Posted by Mr.Rush View Post
Yeah those would be what I was talking about, now that I think about it didn't you have one or two of those?
Yep. I've got one that I snagged from Sir Gooneys in Chattanooga when they (briefly) had a Phazerball arena.
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