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I used to paintball...?
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Oh, I also bought a TiPX and 2 mags for $80, traded it for a sniper and E-Flex, then sold them for a combined $240.
Originally Posted by WALZ
Now.... If you ever f..... With any of my builds again I am going to have to send the boys down to talk to you.....

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Run with siccors!!
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I traded a pod of paint a set of JT teams that were well used and a remake sandana for a DM8 in 2011. The kid offered me the trade too.

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Post Whore
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I traded a beat up etek 2 I think it was for a pair of BNIB Dre Beats the really nice ones and sold them for more you can buy them in the store for
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Trails Of Doom
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A guy on craigslist had a factory realtree A-5 with etrigger and j&j barrel for $250, but he spelled it wrong "tipman" so no one even saw it... The priced dropped each month for 4 months until he finally hit $100 and I snatched it up. He said I was the only person to contact him about it... It looked brand new.

Then a week later a guy had ANOTHER factory realtree A-5 with stock, and flatline and a couple tanks that he wanted to trade for a bow, he said he used it ONCE... I had a bunch of compound bows that I have picked up over the years at yard sales. So I met up with him and he picked on that I had paid $10 for...

I kept one (it is my regular now, as I always wanted a realtree version, but was too cheap to buy one when they were available...), and put the the etrigger on the other one with the flatline and stock and sold it on ebay for $295...
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I traded a 2 foot piece of 2x4 for a Brass Eagle Poison. He was using the Poison to prop open his window, so I gave him an alternative window prop.
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Trades a stock WGP reg for 3 Zap ZXS-600E's which I managed to sell for 150. The reg I got for free.

Traded 2 brass eagle plastic guns for a Tipx and some mags...
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Best deal I did was $60 for an azodin pump plus an angel barrel set with an ac adapter then traded it for a pre 2k pump cocker that "was broken" at the field a few days later. Took the cocker home adjusted the lug and I worked...parted the cocker out and made @ 100 for the frame and pump kit
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