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thanks for the feedback,the thing is this this is as a last resort.I do carry glucose pack with me.lucky for me my body let me know when my blood sugar is low.

thanks guys,
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sorry double post
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this thread is interesting to me as i've got a similar illness, my own pancreas is hyperactive.. i've never had a sugar high and had a ****load of lows...

If I ever take a "fast" sugar (candy for example), my pancreas pumps a ****load of insulin in my system, lowering my blood sugar way low... the "doctor's approach" always say: "if you're low on blood sugar, just eat some candy!" is practically suicide to me, my pancreas will always win in that fight and crash my blood sugar lower and lower...

Therefore, I cannot recover from a low spike within under 2 hours... and recovery means being able to carry on through the day with very low energy activities (sitting down at the computer or watching TV)...

My approach for strenuous activities like paintball is: if you're not 100%, it's not worth it to spend the day recovering from a low blood sugar spike.
Therefore, if I feel sick, i don't go...
If i didn't sleep well, my digestion is affected, i don't go...
If i don't have a lumberjack breakfast or didn't have an appetite, i don't go...

those 3 rules are the reasons I may cancel my outing, because if my body doesn't have a ****load of calories ready to be used, it won't have any to get my blood sugar back up when I crash!

In my life, i remember too well that when my blood sugar crash and that anything else than lying down feels like climbing "Mount Everest"... times goes by very slowly... and that I won't remember all of that slow time because my blood sugar was too frikking low for my brain to bother remembering it!

sometimes, I wish that I could use take sugary stuff to get my sugar higher and pump insulin in my body to get it back down... then I remember that i'm lucky that I only have to worry that my blood sugar going one way!

good luck guys

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